The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 18

57. "'He opened his mouth, he spoke unto me [saying]:

58. "'Should I as your avenger

59. "'Slay Tiâmat, and bestow life upon you,

60. "'Summon a meeting, proclaim and magnify my position,

61. "'Sit ye down together in friendly fashion in Up-shukkinaku.

62. "'Let me issue decrees by the opening of my mouth even as ye do,

63. "'Whatsoever I bring to pass let it remain unaltered.

64. "'That which my mouth uttereth shall neither fail nor be brought to nought.'

65. "Hasten ye therefore, issue your decrees speedily

66. "That he may go to meet your mighty enemy."

67. Gaga departed and hastened upon his way

68. To the god Lakhmu and the goddess Lakhamu, the gods his fathers, reverently

69. He did homage, and he kissed the ground at their feet.

70. He bowed down, stood up, and spake unto them [saying]:

71. "[O ye gods], Anshar your son hath charged me,

72. "The intention of his heart he hath made me to know in this wise:--

73. "Mother Tiâmat who gave us birth hath sown these things,

74. "She hath set in order her assembly, she rageth furiously.

75. "All the gods have joined themselves to her.

76. "They march by her side together with those whom ye have created,

77. "They formed a band and went forth to battle to help Tiâmat.

78. "They were exceedingly wroth, they made plans by day and by night without ceasing.

79. "They offered battle, foaming and raging.

80. "They set the battle in array, they uttered cries of defiance.

81. "Ummu-Khubur, who formed all things,

82. "Set up the unrivalled weapon, she spawned huge serpents,

83. "Sharp of tooth, pitiless in attack (?)

84. "She filled their bodies with venom instead of blood,

85. "Grim, monstrous serpents, arrayed in terror,

86. "She decked them with brightness, she fashioned them in exalted forms,

87. "So that fright and horror might overcome him that looked upon them,

88. "So that their bodies might rear up, and no man resist their attack.

89. "She set up the Viper, and the Snake, and the god Lakhamu,

90. "The Whirlwind, the Ravening Dog, the Scorpion-man,

91. "The Storm-wind, the Fish-man, the Horned Beast,

92. "They carried the Weapon which spared not, nor flinched from the battle.

93. "Most mighty were Tiâmat's allies, they could not be resisted.

94. "Thus she caused Eleven monsters of this kind to come into being.

95. "Amongst the gods, her first-born son who had collected her company,

96. "That is to say, Kingu, she set on high, she made him the great one among them.

97. "Leader of the hosts in the battle, disposer of the troops,

98. "Bearer of the firmly-grasped weapon, attacker in the fight,

99. "He who in the battle is the master of the weapon

100. "She appointed, she made him to sit down in [goodly apparel],

101. "[Saying]: 'I have recited the incantation for thee, I have magnified thee in the assembly of the gods.

102. "'I have filled his (i.e., thy) hand with the sovereignty of the whole company of the gods.

103. "'Mayest thou be magnified, thou who art my only spouse.

104. "'May the Anunnaki make great thy renown over all of them.'

105. "She gave him the TABLET OF DESTINIES, she fastened it on his head [saying]: