The Babylonian Legends of the Creation

Page: 15

25. So that fright and horror might overcome him that looked upon them,

26. So that their bodies might rear up, and no man resist their attack.

27. She set up the Viper, and the Snake, and the god Lakhamu,

28. The Whirlwind, the ravening Dog, the Scorpion-man,

29. The Storm-wind, the Fish-man, the Horned Beast.

30. They carried the Weapon which spared not, nor flinched from the battle.

31. Most mighty were Tiâmat's allies, they could not be resisted.

32. Thus she caused eleven monsters of this kind to come into being.

33. Among the gods, her first-born son who had collected her company,

34. That is to say, Kingu, she set on high, she made him the great one amongst them.

35. Leader of the hosts in battle, disposer of the troops,

36. Bearer of the firmly-grasped weapon, attacker in the fight,

37. He who in the battle is the master of the weapon,

38. She appointed, she made him to sit down in [goodly apparel]

39. [Saying], "I have recited the incantation for thee, I have magnified thee in the assembly of the gods,

40. "I have filled his [sic, read 'thy'] hand with the sovereignty of the whole company of the gods.

41. "Mayest thou be magnified, thou who art my only spouse,

42. "May the Anunnaki make great thy renown over all of them."

43. She gave him the TABLET OF DESTINIES, she fastened it on his breast, [saying]--

44. "As for thee, thy command shall not fall empty, what goeth forth from thy mouth shall be established."

45. When Kingu was raised on high and had taken the heavens (literally, "the god Anutum") 46. He fixed the destinies for the gods his sons, [saying],

47. "Open your mouths, let the Fire-god be quenched,

48. "He who is glorious in battle and is most mighty shall do great deeds."

49. When Anshar heard that Tiâmat was stirred mightily,

50. ... he bit his lips

51. ... his mind was not at peace

[Lines 52-54 too fragmentary for translation.]

An'shar then addresses Ea and says:--

55. "Thou hast slain Mummu and Apsu

56. "But Tiâmat hath exalted Kingu--where is the one who can meet her?

[Lines 57 and 58 imperfect; lines 59-71 wanting.]

72. Anshar spake a word unto his son [Anu]:--

73. "... this is a difficulty, my warrior

74. "Whose power is exalted, whose attack cannot be stayed,

75. "Go and stand thou in the presence of Tiâmat,

76. "That her spirit [be quieted], her heart softened.

77. "But should she not hearken unto thy word,

78. "Speak thou our word unto her so that she may be abated."

79. [Anu] heard the order of his father Anshar.

80. He took the straight road to her, and hastened on the way to her.

81. Anu drew nigh, he searched out the plan of Tiâmat,

82. He could not prevail against her, he turned back.

Lines 83 and 84 contain Anu's report to Anshar, but they are too fragmentary to translate; line 85 reads:--

83. He (Anu) went to his father Anshar who begat him,

84. He spake unto him a word [concerning Tiâmat]

85. [She laid] hands upon me that withered me up."

86. Anshar was distressed, he looked down upon the ground,

87. He turned pale; towards Ea he lifted up his head.