Myths of Greece and Rome Narrated with Special Reference to Literature and Art

Page: 190

Libya (F) married Neptune (M).
Their children were Agenor (M) and Belus (M).

Agenor (M) married Telephassa (F).
Their children were Cadmus (M), Cilix (M), Phœnix (M) and Europa (F).

Cadmus (M) married Harmonia (F).
Their children were Ino (F), Autonoe (F), Agave (F), Semele (F) and Polydorus (M).

Ino (F) married Athamas (M).
Their children were Palæmon (M) and Learchus (M).
Athamas (M) also married Nephele (F).
Their children were Phryxus (M) and Helle (F).

Autonoe (F) married Aristæus (M).
Their child was Actæon (M).

Agave (F) had a child, Pentheus (M).

Semele (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their child was Bacchus (M).

Bacchus (M) married Ariadne (F).

Polydorus (M) had a child, Labdacus (M).

Labdacus (M) had a child, Laius (M).

Laius (M) married Jocasta (F).
Their child was Œdipus (M).

Œdipus married Jocasta (F).
Their children were Eteocles (M), Polynices (M), Antigone (F) and Ismene (F).

Europa (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their children were Sarpedon (M), Rhadamanthus (M) and Minos (M).

Minos’ (M) descendant was Minos (M).

Minos (M) married Pasiphae (F).
Their children were Phædra (F) and Ariadne (F).

Phaedra (F) married Theseus (M), whose parents were Ægeus (M) and Æthra (F).
Theseus (M) also married Hippolyte (F).
Their child was Hippolytus (M).

Ariadne (F) married Bacchus (M).

Belus (M) had four children, Pygmalion (M), Dido (F), Danaus (M) and Ægyptus (M).

Dido (F) married Sychæus (M).

Danaus’ (M) children were the Danaides (F).

Ægyptus (M) had 50 sons.

The Danaides (F) married the 50 sons.
Their descendant was Acrisius (M).

Acrisius (M) had a child, Danae (F).

Danae (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their child was Perseus (M).

Perseus (M) married Andromeda (F), whose parents were Celeus (M) and Cassiopeia (F).
Their children were Alcæus (M), Electryon (M) and Sthenelus (M).

Alcæus (M) had a child, Amphitryon (M).

Electryon (M) had a child, Alcmene (F).

Amphitryon (M) married Alcmene (F).
Their child was Iphicles (M).

Iphicles (M) had a child, Iolaus (M).

Alcmene (F) also married Jupiter (M).
Their child was Hercules (M).

Hercules (M) married Deianeira (F), whose sibling was Meleager (M), and whose parents were Œneus (M) and Althæa (F).
Their child was Hyllus (M), who married Iole (F).

Sthenelus (M) had a child, Eurystheus (M).

Eurystheus (M) had a child, Admete (F).

Neptune (M) married Amphitrite (F).
Their child was Triton (M).

Ceres (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their child was Proserpina (F).

Pluto (M) married Proserpina (F).

Mnemosyne (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their children were Clio (F), Calliope (F), Thalia (F), Euterpe (F), Urania (F), Melpomene (F), Terpsichore (F), Polyhymnia (F) and Erato (F).

Clio (F) had a child, Hymen (M).

Calliope (F) had a child, Orpheus (M).

Orpheus (M) married Eurydice (F).

Typhœus (M) had three children, Hydra (M), Cerberus (M) and Chimæra (M).

Chimæra (M) had two children, Nemean Lion (M) and Sphinx (F).