Myths of Greece and Rome Narrated with Special Reference to Literature and Art

Page: 189

Anchises (M).

Anchises (M) married Venus (F).
Their child was Æneas (M).

Æneas (M) married Lavinia (F).
Their child was Æneas Silvia (M).
Æneas (M) also married Creusa (F).
Their child was Iulus (M).

Æneas Silvia’s (M) descendant was Numitor (M).

Numitor (M) had a child, Ilia (F).

Ilia (F) married Mars (M).
Their children were Remus (M) and Romulus (M).

Cœus (M) married Phœbe (F).
Their child was Latona (F).

Latona (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their children were Apollo (M) and Diana (F).

Apollo (M) married Diana (F).
Apollo (M) also married Coronis (F).
Their child was Æsculapius (M).
Coronis (F) had a sibling, Ixion (M)
Their parent was Mars (M).
Ixion (M) married Dia (F).
Their children were Centaurs (M) and Pirithous (M).

Æsculapius (M) had two children, Machaon (M) and Hygeia (F).

Pirithous married Hippodamia (F).

Iapetus (M) married Clymene (F).
Their children were Menetius (M), Atlas (M), Hesperus (M), Epimetheus (M) and Prometheus (M).

Hesperus (M) had a child, Hesperides (F).

Epimetheus (M) married Pandora (F).
Their child was Pyrrha (F).

Prometheus (M) had a child, Deucalion (M).

Pyrrha (F) married Deucalion (M).
Their child was Hellen (M).

Hellen (M) had three children, Æolus (M), Dorus (M) and Xuthus (M).

Æolus (M) had two children, Salmoneus (M) and Sisyphus (M).

Salmoneus (M) had a child, Tyro (F).

Tyro (F) married Neptune (M).
Their children were Æson (M), Pelias (M) and Neleus (M).

Æson (M) had a child, Jason (M).

Jason (M) married Medea (F).
Medea (F) had a sibling, Absyrtus (M).
Their parent was Æetes (M).
Æetes (M) had two siblings, Pasiphæ (F) and Circe (F).
Their parent was Sol (M).

Neleus (M) had a child, Nestor (M).

Sisyphus (M) had a child, Glaucus (M).

Glaucus (M) had a child, Bellerophon (M).

Bellerophon (M) married Philonoë (F).

Xuthus (M) had two children, Ion (M) and Achæus (M).

Hyperion (M) married Gæa (F).
Their child was Aurora (F).

Aurora (F) married Æolus (M).
Their children were Boreas (M), Corus (M), Eurus (M), Notus (M), Aquilo (M) and Zephyrus (M).

Boreas (M) married Orithyia (F).
Their children were Zetus (M), Calais (M), Cleopatra (F) and Chione (F).

Zephyrus (M) married Flora (F).

Themis (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their children were Parcæ (F) and Horæ (F).

Cronus (M) married Rhea (F).
Their children were Vesta (F), Juno (F), Jupiter (M), Neptune (M), Ceres (F) and Pluto (M).

Juno (F) married Jupiter (M).
Their children were Mars (M), Vulcan (M) and Hebe (F).

Mars (M) married Venus (F).
Their children were Anteros (M), Cupid (M) and Harmonia (F).

Cupid (M) married Psyche (F).

Harmonia (F) married Cadmus (M).

Vulcan (M) married Medusa (F).
Their children were Cacus (M), Periphetes (M) and Cercyon (M).

Hebe (F) married Hercules (M).

Jupiter (M) married Io (F).
Their child was Epaphus (M).

Epaphus (M) had a child, Libya (F).