Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

Page: 292

World serpent, in Eur-Asian mythologies, 151.
World Soul, the Brahmanic, 304, 328, 329.
"World spike", star called, 332.
"World spine", the, 332; the "world tree" and, 334; Ashur standard as, 335.
World tree, symbol of "world spine", 334.
Worm, the, dragon as, 151; the legend of the, 234, 235.
Wryneck, goddess and the, 427 n.


Xerxes, Merodach's temple pillaged by, 497.


Yä, the Hebrew, Ea as, 31.
Yama (yă´mă), Osiris and Gilgamesh and, xxxii; Mitra and, 56; eagle as, 169; Gilgamesh and, 200; the Paradise of, 209.
Yng´ve, the Germanic patriarch, 93.
Yügăs, the Indian doctrine of, Babylonian origin of, 310 et seq.


Zabium (za´bi-um), king in Hammurabi Age, 242.
Zachariah, King of Israel, 449.
Zamama (zä-mä´mä), god of Kish, Tammuz traits of, 126; identified with Merodach, 241.
Zambia (zäm´bi-a), King of Isin, 133.
Zedekiah, King of Judah, conspiracy against Babylonia, 490; punishment of, 491; the captivity, 491.
Zerpanitum (zār-pä´nit-um), mother goddess, 100; as "Lady of the Abyss", 160; as Aruru, 160; Persian goddess and, 496.
Zeus (to rhyme with mouse), the god, as sea-god's brother, 33; in Adonis myth, 90; an imported god, 105; in father and son myth, 158; eagle of, 168; deities that link with, 261; the "Great Bear" myth and, 296.
Zi (zee´), the Sumerian manifestation of life, 291; "Sige the mother" as Ziku, 328 n.
Zimri, revolt of in Israel, 405.
Zodiac, Signs of the, 147, 301, 305; Babylonian origin of, 306; Hittites, Phoenicians, and Greeks and, 306; stars of as "Divinities of Council", 309; division of, 307; the fields of Ea, Anu, and Bel, 307; three stars for each month, 307-309 ; the lunar in various countries, 309; when signs of were fixed, 322.
Zü bird, Garuda eagle and, xxvi; myth of, 74.
Zuzu (zü´zü), King of Opis, captured by Eannatum of Lagash, 119.

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