Myths and Legends of the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes

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As in all the other volumes of this series, no effort has been made to ornament or amplify these legends in the effort to make them “literary,” or give them “literary charm.” They must speak for themselves. What editing has been done has been in simplifying them, and freeing them from the verbose setting in which many were found. For in this section of the country, settled before it was realized that there was an Indian literature, the original work of noting down the myths was very imperfectly done.

Thanks are due to the work of Albert E. Jenks, on the wild rice Indians of the upper lakes; to James Mooney, for the myths of the Cherokees; to George Catlin, for some of the upper Mississippi legends; to the well-known but almost inaccessible work of Schoolcraft, and to others.

K. B. J.



The Earth-Maker Winnebago 1
Creation Chitimacha 5
The Creation Wyandot 8
Creation of the Races Biloxi 12
Story of the Creation Ojibwa 14
Creation (a fragment) Ojibwa 16
Creation of the Mandans Mandan 17
The Flood Chitimacha 19
The Great Flood (a fragment) Mandan 20
The Great Flood Menomini 21
Origin of Fire Menomini 26
The Thunderers and the Origin of Fire Menomini 28
The Origin of Fire Chitimacha 31
The Gifts of the Sky God Chitimacha 32
Mondamin Ojibwa 34
Mondamin Ottawa 37
The Corn Woman