Myths and Legends of the Great Plains

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A woman in traditional dress. Woman’s Costume


Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution

An older man in traditional dress. An Elderly Omaha Beau

Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution

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When the world was new, there was one man and one woman. They were happy; then they quarreled. At last the woman left the man and began to walk away toward the Sunland, the Eastland. The man followed. He felt sorry, but the woman walked straight on. She did not look back.

Then Sun, the great Apportioner, was sorry for the man. He said,

“Are you still angry with your wife?”

The man said, “No.”

Sun said, “Would you like to have her come back to you?”

“Yes,” said the man.

So Sun made a great patch of huckleberries which he placed in front of the woman’s trail. She passed them without paying any attention to them. Then Sun made a clump of blackberry bushes and put those in front of her trail. The woman walked on. Then Sun created beautiful service-berry bushes which stood beside the trail. Still the woman walked on.

[Pg 33] So Sun made other fruits and berries. But the woman did not look at them.