Myths and Legends of the Great Plains

Page: 54

“I am burnt. Oh, grandmother! the heat has left nothing of me,” he said.

Grandmother said, “Oh, my grandchild! I think the heat has left to me nothing of him!”

From that time Rabbit has always had a singed spot upon his back, between his shoulders.

[Pg 163]



When Rabbit was going on a journey, he came to a certain village. The people said, “Halloo! Rabbit has come as a visitor.”

On meeting him, they said, “Whom did you come to see?”

“Why, I will go to the lodge of any one,” said Rabbit.

“But the people have nothing to eat,” they said. “The Giant is the only one who has anything to eat. You ought to go to his lodge.”

Yet, the Rabbit passed on to the end lodge and entered it.

“Friend, we have nothing to eat,” said the host.

“Why, my friend,” said Rabbit, “when there is nothing, people eat anything they can get.”

At length the Giant invited Rabbit to a feast.

“Oh ho!” called the man whose lodge Rabbit had entered. “Friend, you are invited. Hasten!”

Now all the people were afraid of the Giant. No matter what animal anyone killed, the Giant kept all of the meat.

[Pg 164] Rabbit arrived at the lodge of the Giant. As he entered, the host said, “Oh! Pass around to that side.” But Rabbit leaped over and took a seat. At length food was given him. He ate it very rapidly but left some which he hid in his robe. Then he pushed the bowl aside.

“Friend,” he said to the Giant, “here is the bowl.” Then he said, “Friend, I must go.” He sprang past the fireplace at one leap, at the second leap his feet touched the chest of the Giant’s servant, and with another leap he had gone.

When Rabbit reached the lodge where he was visiting, he gave his host the food he had not eaten. The man and his wife were glad to eat it, since they had been without food.

Next morning, the crier passed through the village, commanding the people to be stirring.

They said, “The Giant is the one for whom they are to kill game.” So they all went hunting. They scared some animals out of a dense forest and shot at them. Rabbit went thither very quickly. He found Giant had reached there before him and taken all the game. When Rabbit heard shooting in another place, he went thither, but again found the Giant was before him.

“This is provoking!” thought Rabbit.

When some persons shot at game in another place [Pg 165] Rabbit noticed it, and went thither immediately, reaching the spot before the Giant.

“Friend,” he said to the man who had killed the deer, “let us cut it up.”