Myths and Legends of the Great Plains

Page: 47

He said to them, “How came you here?”

They answered, “What do you mean? We came for [Pg 142] wood and something brought us here. Now you also are lost.”

He looked behind him, and lo! there was a hole.

“What is this?” he asked.

“Stop!” they said. “That is the thing itself.”

He drew out an arrow and shot it. Then suddenly it opened out and behold! it was the ear of an owl in which they had been shut up. When it was killed, it opened out. Then he said, “Young men and women, come out,” so they went home.

Again they offered him two wives. But he said, “My friend will marry them. I am traveling.”

Again he passed on. And he came to a dwelling place of people and found them shooting the hoop. There stood a young man looking on. He joined him as his friend. While they stood there together, he said:

“Friend, let us go to your home.” So he went with him to his tepee.

The young man said, “Grandmother, I have brought my friend home with me; get him something to eat.”

She said, “Where shall I get it from, that you say that?”

“Grandmother, how is it that you say so?” asked the stranger.

She replied, “Waziya treats this people very badly. [Pg 143] When they go out to kill buffalo, he takes it all, and now they are starving to death.”

Now Waziya was a giant who caused very cold weather and blizzards.

Then he said, “Grandmother, go to him and say, ‘My grandchild has come on a journey and has nothing to eat; so he has sent me to you.’”

So the old woman went and standing at a distance, cried, “Waziya, my grandchild has come on a journey and has nothing to eat; so he has sent me to you.”

He replied, “Bad old woman, get you home; what do you mean by coming here?”

The old woman came home crying, and saying that Waziya had threatened to kill some of her relations.

Star-born said, “My friend, take your strap; we will go there.”

The old woman interfered: “I have with difficulty raised my grandchild.”

Grandchild replied to this by saying, “Grandmother is very much afraid.” So the two went together.

When they came to the house of Waziya, they found a great deal of dried meat outside. He put as much on his friend as he could carry, and sent him home with it; then Star-born entered the tepee of Waziya, and said to him, “Waziya, why did you answer my grandmother as you did when I sent her to you?”

[Pg 144] Waziya only looked angry.

Hanging there was a bow of ice. “Waziya, why do you keep this?” he said.