Myths and Legends of China

Page: 206

204. 2. Tailed Miao Tzŭ tribe; legend of, 422 n.

Yao Ch’ih. Lake of Gems, 137

Yao Wang. God or King of Medicine, 247

Year. Spirit of the, T’ai Sui, 194 sq. See also San Yüan, T’ai Sui, and Time

Yeh Ch’ien-chao. And Lei Kung, 201

Yeh Fa-shan. Magician; and Chang Kuo, 295

Yellow Flying Tiger. Huang Fei-hu; spears the Blower, 146

Yellow Turbans. Tribe; Liu Pei, Kuan Yü, and Chang Fei make war on, 116

Yen, District of, 229

Yen Ch’êng. Legend of the City-god of, 402 sq.

Yen Ti. See Shên Nung

Yen Wang. The King of the Hells; and Miao Shan, 268; and Sun Hou-tzŭ, 329

Yen-chung Hsien. See Lo Hsüan

Yin. The female principle in nature, 216; its hold on the Chinese mind, 92; Hsi Wang Mu and, 137; ancestor of the spirituality of the, 185; united in marriage with yang, 186; conjunction of yang and, 188; yin-yang mirror, 199; and lightning, 204; yin-yang baskets, 232

Yin Ch’êng-hsiu. Spirit of the White Tiger Star, 148; canonized by Chiang Tzŭ-ya, 148

Yin Chiao. See T’ai Sui

Yin K’ai-shan, Father of Wên Chiao, 339

Yin P’o-pai. Courtier of Chou Wang; father of Yin Ch’êng-hsiu, 148

Yin Shih. Wife of Li Ching, 305 sq.

Ymer. The Scandinavian giant out of whose body the world was made; compared with P’an Ku, 79

, or Ta Yü. The Great Yü, one of the early kings; with Yao and Shun as the Three Origins, 127

Yu Chou. See Peking

Yü Ch’üan Shan T’a, or Chên-shui T’a. Pagoda near Peking; origin of, 235 and n.

Yü Huang. Also called Yü-huang Shang-ti; the Pearly Emperor, 124; popular head of Taoist hierarchy, 124; the Jade Emperor, the Pure August One, 130; history of, 130 sq.; the Chinese Jupiter, 130; legend of, 133; identified with Indra, 133; subject of a nature myth, 133; and Shui-mu Niang-niang, 221; allows reincarnation of sons of Shih Ch’in-ch’ang, 256; sends spiritual aid to Miao Shan, 263; prevents execution of Miao Shan, 266; orders punishment 274; canonizes Miao Shan and her family, 286; and Sun Hou-tzŭ, 327 sq.

Yu I. A spirit, 279

Yü Lü. A Door-god, 173. See Mên Shên

Yü Lung San T’ai-tzŭ. Son of Dragon-king of the Western Sea; and the White Horse, 341

Yü Nü. The Jade Maiden; servant to Mu Kung, 136; and the Spirit of Lightning, 203

Yü Shih, or Ch’ih Sung-tzŭ. The Master of Rain, 206; resides in the K’un-lun Mountains, 206; and the shang yang, 206

Yü-huang Shang-ti. See Yü Huang

Yü-ting Chên-jên. Makes plan for defeat of Ch’ien-li Yen and Shun-fêng Êrh, 163

Yüan Chuang. See Hsüan Chuang

Yüan Hung. Generalissimo; serves Chou Wang, 164

Yüan-shih T’ien-tsun, Lo Ching Hsin, or T’ien Pao. Son of P’an Ku and T’ai-yüan Shêng-mu; first member of Taoist triad, 124; First Cause, Highest in Heaven, 127 sq.; God of Lightning, 128; avatar of P’an Ku, 128 sq.; first named Yüan-shih T’ien-wang, 128; legend of birth of, 128 sq.; fights T’ung-t’ien Chiao-chu,