Myths and Legends of China

Page: 194

Page 438

I Yu. Superior of Nunnery of the White Bird, 263

Ideograms, Ancient Chinese, 14

Immaterial Principle. See LI

Immortal-s. Hsien, or Hsien-jên, 135; God of the, 136; the Eight—see Pa Hsien; the Eight, and the God of Longevity, 214. See also Hsien

Immortality, Pills of. See Pills

Imperfect Mountain. Kung Kung strikes his head against the, 81

Implements. Great variety of Chinese, 59

Indo-China. Supposed origin of Chinese in, 14; language of, 14; early tribes in, 15

Indra. The God of Heaven; and Yü Huang, 133

Industrial Institutions, 47


Jade. Symbol of purity; the Jade Emperor, 130

Jade Palace of Abstraction, 155

Jan-têng Fo, or Jan Têng. Light-lamp Buddha, 120; and Chiang Tzŭ-ya, 158; revives Wu Wang, 159; and T’ai Sui, 196; mentioned, 161

Jan-têng Tao-jên. Fights with T’ung-t’ien Chiao-chu, 134

Jên Huang. The nine Human Sovereigns, 145

Jên Tsung. Emperor; and worship of Chang Hsien, 178