Myths and Legends of China

Page: 188

238; defeats Hui Lu, 239

Chü Liu-sun. A magic-master; and Chiang Tzŭ-ya, 147

Chu Pa-chieh. The Pig Fairy in the Hsi yu chi, 326; half man, half pig, 335; Mao Êrh-chieh and, 335; Kuan Yin and, 335; is made a priest and receives religious name of Chu Wu-nêng, 335; journeys with the Master, 341 sq.; and the widow and her daughters, 342 sq.; carried away to the Lotus Cave, 345 sq.; his reward, 368

Chu Tzŭ, Chu Hsi, or Chu Fu Tzŭ. Historian and Confucian commentator, 87; monistic philosophy of, 87

Ch’u Wang-sun. Chuang Chou as, 150

Chu Wu-nêng. See Chu Pa-chieh

Ch’ü Yüan. Statesman-poet; drowns himself in Mi-lo River, 152

Chu-ti, Prince. Founder of Peking, 228 sq.; son of Emperor Hung Wu, 228; and the sealed packet, 229 sq.; begins to build city, 230; and the dragons, 232 sq. Page 432

Chuang Chou. See Chuang Tzŭ

Chuang Tzŭ, Chuang Chou, or Chuang Shêng. His cosmogony, 80; his super-tao, 91; his dream, 149; philosophical critic, 149; apotheosized, 148; reincarnation of, 149; and the young widow fanning the grave, 149; and his wife, 150; as Ch’u Wang-sun, 150; and Fêng Hou, 150; and Hsüan Nü, 150; receives from Shang Ti the planet Jupiter, 150

Chun T’i. A gifted warrior; his battles with T’ung-t’ien Chiao-chu, 321 sq.; and K’ung Hsüan, the one-eyed peacock, 321; and Wu Yün, 324; and the golden-bearded turtle, 324; and P’i-lu Hsien, 324

Ch’un-yü Fên. And the dream of the south branch, 410 sq.; in the kingdom of Huai-an, 411 sq.; marries the King’s daughter, 412 sq.; takes office under the King, 414 sq.; his greatness, 416; meets with disasters, 417; the prophecies, 417; returns home, 418; the prophecies come true, 419

Ch’ung Chêng. Emperor; and the cursed temple, 398 sq.

Chung K’uei, or K’uei. As God of literature, 106 sq.; as God of Exorcism, 248; and Hsü Hao, 250; canonized, 250

Chung Yang Festival, 45

Chung-li Ch’üan, or Han Chung-li. One of the Eight Immortals, 303; legends of, 292

Circle, The Magic, 358

City. God of the, 165; shaving a whole city, 366

City-god of Yen Ch’êng. Legend of the, 402 sq.

Classes. The four classes of the people, 28

Classics. See Book of Ceremonial, Book of History, I Ching

Climate. Nature of Chinese, 19

Clothing. Nature of, 58

Clubs. See Accessory Institutions

Codes. Ceremonial, 42; legal—see Laws

Coins. Kinds in use, 49

Concubinage, 24

Confucius. Social and ethical philosopher; his cosmogony, 80; and agnosticism, 89; not a god, 102 sq.; titles conferred on, 103

Confucianism. The State religion, 100; effect on mythology, 62; Ju Chiao, religion of the learned, 102; scope of, 102; and Buddhism, 118

Constellations. Worship of the, 191; the twenty-eight, 192; propitious and unpropitious, 191; abodes of gods, 192; Tzŭ-wei and Po I-k’ao, 192 sq.

Corea. Dependency of China, 27; annexed by Japan, 27

Corpse. Feeding of, 40

Cosmetics. Use of, 47

Cosmogony. Myth of P’an Ku, 81; of the I ching, 80; of Lao Tzŭ, 80; of Confucius, 80; of Kuan Tzŭ, 80; of Mencius, 80; of Chuang Tzŭ, 80; Chinese and Babylonian, 80; Nü Kua and, 82; Wen Ch’ang’s attendants and, 82; dualistic nature of early, 83; how the Chinese obtained a, 84 sq.; tao and, 88; popular, 92; and the T’ai chi t’u, 92; non-mythological, 92; and constructive imagination, 92. See also Creation

Creation. Mo Tzŭ and, 90; Miao legends of the, 406 sq.

Crops. Kinds raised, 50; Gods of the, 165

Cursed Temple. Legend of the, 398 sq.

Cycle-gods, 177


Dawn, The Bird of, 187

Death. Idea of, 40; of the gods, 99

Deification. Origin of, 93

Demon-s. Kuei general name for, 103; of pestilence, subdued by the three musical brothers, 151; 198; Asuras, 198; exorcism of, 250; Hsü Hao a, 250; of the Lotus Cave, 345 sq.; Red Child Demon,