Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt

Page: 159

KHNEM'U-RA. Power of, 154
KHNUM. Fashions the body of Queen Hatshepsut, 247, 248
KHNUM'U. God; and the priest Ra-user, 203
KHNU'MU-HO'TEP. Coffin of, 324
KHON'SU. Lunar deity, identified with Thoth, 176;
Expeller of Demons, 178-180
KHON'SU IN THEBES NEF-ER-HET'EP. One of the forms of Khonsu, 178;
gives protection to Expeller of Demons, 179, 180
KHORP HEM'TI-U. Distinctive title of priest, 53
KHU. The Spirit-souls, 117
KHU'FU. Equivalent, Cheops, 25;
first pyramid and, 25;
reference to, 152;
magic story related to, 197-202
KHUT. Isis, called, 83;
the serpent called, 130
KICHE-S. Tribe referred to, 12;
all forms of worship fused in one by the, 133
KING ARTHUR. Reference to, 87
KINGDOM. The Old, the Middle, and the New, 36
KOM-ES-SAGHA. The temple of, 317
KOM-OM'BOS. The pronaos of, 320
KO-RE'. Figure in mysterious cult, 58;
alternative, Persephone, 58;
myth of, 77;
reference to story of, 121
KRAM'AT. Of the Malays, 261
KROK'-O-DIL-O'-POL-IS. The crocodile, incarnation of the god Sebek,
dwelt in lake near, 11;
the centre of the worship of the crocodile, 290
KRO'NOS. Loved by Nut, 65;
equivalent, Geb, 65


LAB'Y-RINTH. Crocodiles buried in the subterranean, 290;
Herodotus not allowed to enter, 290
'LADY OF THE SYCAMORE.' The Memphite Hathor was called, 298
LANE. Reference to, 261
LATE KINGDOMS. Reference to, 4
LATIN. Reference to supremacy, 35
LEF-É'BURE. Reference to, 259
LE-O-NAR'DO DA VIN'CI. Reference to, 314
LE-ON-TOP'O-LIS. City of, 291
LEP'SIUS. Researches into Egypt, &c., by, 38;
theory of, re Osiris, 73;
monuments recovered by, 160;
animal stories and, 195
LET-OP'OL-IS. Canal of, 202
LETTER. Pharaoh Ousimares and the sealed, 211;
read to Pharaoh Ousimares by Se-Osiris, 213-215
LEY'DEN, 37, 195
LIB'YA. Oracle of Jupiter-Ammon in, 142
LIB'YAN. Home of Osiris, 64;
desert, 76;
Isis of Libyan origin, 80, 82;
aggression in the Delta, 140
LIFE, DOUBLE HOUSE OF. Equivalent, Library of Magical Books;
written by Thoth, 265-268
'LIGHT AND HEALTH.' One of Ra's appellations, 269
LION-S, THE. Worship of, 291, 292;
identified the sun-god Horus, 291;
the Delta the home of the Egyptian, 291;
Leontopolis, the centre of the cult of, 291;
kept in the temple at Heliopolis, 291;
the ancient lion-god Aker, 291;
Sef and Dua, two guardian, 292;
statues of, familiar under Greek name of 'Sphinxes,' 292;
Amen-hetep III and his boast re, 292;
Rameses II and Rameses III both kept a tame, 292
LOCAL GODS. Confusion in consequence of, 2;
distinctive marks of, 2
LOGIC Prehistoric, 255, 256
LOS'KI-EL. On resurrection, 79
LOTUS, THE. In Egyptian symbolism, 299;
boy Horus issues from cup of, 299;
the symbol of resurrection, 299
LOUIS XIV. Painting under, 321
LOUVRE, 37, 72, 206
LOVE. Hathor, the goddess of, 246
LUX'OR. Buildings at, 317
LY-COP'O-LIS. Inhabitants of, 101;
worship of the Ram of Mendes in, 288;
the wolf venerated at, 294
LY-SAN'DER. Consulted the oracle of Jupiter-Ammon, 142, 143


MAA. God of sight, 181
MAĀ KHER'U ('Right speaking'). Etymological meaning, 261
MAĀT. Signifies law, &c., 53;
goddess of justice, identified with Isis, 82;
closely resembles Thoth; one of the original goddesses;
symbolized by ostrich feather, 108;
appellations, 109;
path of Ra across the sky planned by, 131
MAC'BETH. Reference to, 143
MACH-I-A-VEL'LI. Reference to, 187
MAF'TET. Reference to the goddess, 16
MAGIC-AL. Chapter on, in tale of the Magicians, 132, 206;
force in Egypt, 261;
formulæ ('right speaking') in Egypt, 261;
versus Magic; tale of, 215-219;
cane, King Thothmes', 249, 250;
Egypt the mother of, 252;
Egyptian, is assumed to be a degraded form of religion, 252;
Professor Maspero's statement re, 252;
Dr. Budge's statement re, 252;
the antiquity of Egyptian, 254, 255;
Frazer, Marrett, Hubert and Mauss, on origin of, 253, 256;
the savage of the Egyptian Stone Age and, 254;
difference between other systems and Egyptian, 256;
statement of Professor Maspero re,