Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 209


Taillefer. “Song of Roland” and, 122

Tara. Black stone of, 157

Tarn Wathelan. Giant in castle near, ill-treats maiden, 267;
King Arthur’s journey to, and fight with giant who lived in Castle of, 269, 270;
King Arthur summons court to hunt near, 276;
the churlish knight of, set free from magic spells, 284

Teutonic North. Beowulf famous throughout, 5

Thersites. Compared with Bricriu of the Bitter Tongue, 186

Thing. Howard at the, 107, 108, 117, 118

Thor-biorn. Mighty chief on shores of Icefirth, 97;
Vakr, nephew of, 97;
Olaf and sheep of, 98-100;
whale unjustly adjudged to, 102;
marries sister of Guest, 103;
Sigrid leaves, 103;
meets Olaf, 103-106;
Warflame, magic sword of, 104-106;
thrusts Olaf with Warflame, 106;
Howard claims wergild from, 106-111;
Guest’s judgment against, 110, 111;
hailed by Biargey while out fishing, 112;
slain by Howard, 116

Thor-brand. Brother of Biargey, 113;
helps Howard against Thorbiorn, 115

Thor-dis. Mother of Vakr; sends second son to assist in fight against Olaf, 105

Thor-kel. Lawman and arbitrator of Icefirth, 97;
his false decree concerning a whale, 102

Thor-old. Same as Turoldus; author of “Song of Roland,” 122

Thurston. King of Ireland; served by Horn, 301;
Harold and Berild, sons of, 302;
offers kingdom and his daughter Reynild to Horn, 302;
Horn discloses his identity to, 304

Tiber. Hunting expedition down, by Maxen Wledig, 43

Tir-nan-og. The land of never-dying youth, 163

Tree, The Holy. See Holy Cross

Trinity. Truth of, demonstrated by shamrock-leaf, 157

Trojan War. An ancient story, yet well known, 58

Tuck, Friar. Masses sung by, for Robin Hood, 318

Turpin. Archbishop of Charlemagne, one of Twelve Peers, 125, 136;
blesses the knights, 139, 140;
mediates between Roland and Oliver, 145;
mortally wounded, 149;
his death, 150, 151


Uath, the Stranger. Giant who tests champions, 199-203;
adjudges Cuchulain Champion of Heroes of all Ireland, 203

Ubbe (ub-bĕ). Danish jarl, friend of King Birkabeyn; befriends [Pg 374] Havelok and Goldborough, 87-93;
appointed Regent of Denmark for Havelok, 94

Ulster. Fergus commanded to buy food at, 165;
Conor, King of, 185;
Cuchulain peer among champions of, 185;
Armagh, capital of, 186;
Red Branch heroes, royal bodyguard of, 186;
Bricriu stirs up strife among champions of, 187, 188

Unknown God. Constantine’s acceptance and reverence of the, 51;
the people awed by token of, 53

Uterysdale. Land of Sir Richard of the Lea in, 323;
Sir Richard redeems the land, 324-327;
Sir Richard returns to, 333


Vakr. Thorbiorn’s nephew, 97;
mocks Olaf, 100;
jeers at Brand the Strong, 102, 103;
accompanies Thorbiorn to meet Olaf, 103-106;
Thordis, mother of, 105;
his miserable end, 116

Valbrand. Brother of Biargey, 112, 113;
visited by Howard, 114

Valtierra. Charlemagne retires to, on way to France, 134

Veillantif. Roland’s steed, 136;
slain by Saracens, 150

Vicar of Christ on earth, Black Colin regards Pope as, 253

Vikings. Gospel preached to, 157

Virgin Mary. Cult of, 121;
Cathleen invokes, 163;
Cathleen’s people invoke, 181


Wales. Old Roman roads in, that connected Helena’s three castles still known as “Sarn Helen,” 49;
legend of Havelok the Dane thought to have originated in, 73;
mediæval, Arthurian legend preserved by, 265

Wallace, Sir William. Scottish hero, 248;
schoolfellow and comrade of Sir Nigel Campbell, 249

Warden. Of the coast of Denmark, welcomes Beowulf, 6;
conducts Geats to Heorot, 8;
Wulfgar, one of Hrothgar’s nobles, greets Beowulf, 9;
of Geatland, welcomes Beowulf’s return, 29

Warflame. Magic sword, owned by Thorbiorn, and by which he himself is slain by Howard, 115, 116

Washers of the Ford. Wrath of, and Irish people, 158

Waterford. Prince Sigtryg of, his troth-plight with daughter of King Alef, 343;
Ranald, King of, 345;
Hereward reaches, 346;
Prince and Princess of, Hereward the best friend of, 351

Watling Street. Robin Hood sends his followers to, 316;
a year later sends followers once more to, 329

Wealhtheow (wal-thyow), Queen. Wife of Hrothgar; honours Beowulf, 14, 20

1. Legends, “Mabinogion” and “The Dream of Maxen Wledig,” 42;
Celtic features in, 185.
2. Saga, hero of, Emperor Maxentius, 42

Weohstan (wyo-stan). Father of Wiglaf, who supported Beowulf in his fight with the fire-dragon, 36

West. Constantine a favourite of Roman soldiery of the, 63;
Roman soldiery of the, proclaim Constantine emperor, 63;
the fictitious wanderings of Horn in realms of, 307

Western Isles. Irish Gaelic hero-legends carried to, from Erin, 248

Westernesse. Childe Horn lands on shore of, 289;
Ailmar, King of, questions Horn, 290;
Horn returns to, accompanied by Irish knights, 304;
recital of the fictitious plans of Horn [Pg 375] to reach, within seven years, 307

Whitby. Hereward lands at, 339

Wig-laf. Son of Weohstan; supports Beowulf in his fight with the fire-dragon, 36-41

Wilf-ings. Hrothgar shields Ecgtheow from, 11

William of Cloudeslee. One of the famous outlaws of England, 226

William Tell. William of Cloudeslee the, of England, 226;
Alice, wife of, 227;
goes to Carlisle, 227;
sheriff informed of his presence, 229;
attacked by sheriff and his men, 231;
capture of, 232;
sheriff sentences to be hanged, 232;
news of his sentence conveyed to the greenwood, 233;
Clym’s stratagem to save, 234;
rescued from death, 237, 238;
visits London to see king, 241;
the king pardons, 243;
shoots apple from son’s head, 245, 246;
receives royal favours from king and queen, 246

William Wendut. Second son of Grim; accompanies Havelok to Denmark, 87

Winchester. Godrich takes Goldborough from, to Dover, 81

Wledig. See Maxen Wledig