Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 208


Samson. Peer of Charlemagne; mortally wounded, 143

Saracen-s. Host, encamps near Franks, 134;
pursue the Frankish army, 137;
chiefs vow to slay Roland, 137;
defeat of, by Roland’s army, 141;
second army attacks Roland, 142;
defeated once more, 143;
third army attacks Roland, 144;
their rule in the Holy Land, 251;
Horn’s hatred of, typical of romance of Crusades, 286;
attack and slay King Murry, [Pg 372] 287, 288;
Horn’s victory over, 298;
Suddene purged of, by Horn, 310

Saragossa. Charlemagne repulsed at, 119;
decided to send Ganelon to, as ambassador, 128;
Charlemagne’s threat to take, 132;
Charlemagne receives through Ganelon the keys of, 134;
captured by Charlemagne, 154

Sarn Helen.Roman roads in Wales connecting Helena’s three castles known as, 49

Saxon England. The maintenance of justice in, 314

Saxon-s. Hereward the, 334;
the darling hero of the, 334;
Anglo-, chivalry, Hereward the ideal of, 334, 335;
Hereward the, known as the Champion of Women, 351

Scarlet, Will. Cousin to and one of Robin Hood’s followers, 315

Scotland. Hero-myths of, 248;
national heroes of Lowland, actual, not mythical, 248;
war between England and, 249

Scottish Independence. Sir Nigel Campbell one of leaders in cause of, 249

Scyld Scefing (skild ske´f-ing). Founder of Scyldings dynasty, 2;
coming to and passing from Denmark, 2;
Hrothgar, great-grandson of, 2

Seven Hills. Rome, the City of, 43;
Maxen Wledig, emperor, rules Europe from, 43

Sherwood, Forest of. Headquarters of Robin Hood, 315

Siegfried. Gudrun and, in “Nibelungenlied,” 95

Sigmund. Father of Fitela; glory of, chanted by Danish bard, 18

Sigrid. Thorbiorn’s housekeeper, 97;
loved by Olaf, 99;
quits Thorbiorn’s service, 103;
disappearance of, 106

Sigt-ryg Ranaldsson. Prince of Waterford; his troth-plight with King Alef’s daughter, 343;
son of King Ranald, 345;
Hereward’s mission to, 345-347;
sails for Cornwall to rescue his love, 347;
sends forty Danes to demand fulfilment of troth-plight, 348;
Sigtryg and Danes plan ambush for Haco, 350;
rescues, and marries, Cornish princess, 350, 351

Si´ht-ric-son. Same as Anlaf, Abloec, &c., 73

Sir John of the Marshes. Noble gentleman who lived in Lincolnshire, in reign of Edward I., 204, 205;
father of John, Otho, and Gamelyn, 205;
his death, 206

Si-ward, Earl. Ruler in Northumbria, 339;
reputed kinship to Fairy Bear, 340, 342

Snowdon. Mountainous land of, reached by ambassadors of Maxen Wledig, 47

Socach. Black Colin’s foster-parents’ dwelling-place, 250

Souls. The traffic in, during Irish famine, 170-183;
Cathleen tries to check traffic in, 174

Spain. Charlemagne’s expedition into, 119;
begins to quit, 134;
returns to, to rescue Roland, 146

Spanish Legend. Bernardo del Carpio and Roland in, 121

1. Adam, steward in household of Sir John, releases Gamelyn, 214, 215.
2. Edmund, reference to his Red Cross Knight, 265

Steinthor of Ere. Great chieftain who shelters Howard, 108, 109, 117;
speaks on Howard’s behalf at the Thing, 118

St. John, Knights of. Black Colin takes service with, 253;
Grand Master of, 253

St. Mary. Abbey of, in York, lands of stranger knight in pledge to Abbot of, 321;
land redeemed by Sir Richard of the Lea, 324-327;
the Black Monk high cellarer in Abbey of, 331

[Pg 373] St. Patrick. Preached Gospel to people of Ireland, 157

Suddene. King Murry and Queen Godhild, and son Horn, the royal family of, 286;
Horn sails for, to wrest from Saracens, 309;
Athulf’s father found at, 309, 310;
Horn reconquers, 310;
a Christian realm once more, 311;
Horn crowned king of, 311

Swanborow. Daughter of King Birkabeyn, 74;
slain by Godard, 76

Sweden. Götaland, realm of Geats in south of, 5

Swedes. Slay Hathcyn, son of King Hrethel, 35

Switzerland. Black Colin and Highland clansmen pass through, 253

Sylvester. Bishop of Rome; and Constantine, 42;
Constantine told in a vision to send for, 70;
preaches the Christian faith to Constantine, 71