Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 206

London. Visit to, of William of Cloudeslee and fellow outlaws, 241

Louis. Charlemagne’s son, Count of the Marshes, promised to Aude the Fair, 155

Lugh of the Long Hand. Great god, reputed father of Cuchulain, 185


Mabinogion. A series of Welsh legends; glorifies marriage of British princess Helena and Constantine, 42

MacCorquodale, Baron. Wooes the Lady of Loch Awe, 254-257;
his stratagem of a forged letter, 255;
hears of Black Colin’s return, 263

MacGregors. Expelled from Glenurchy, 249

Mahomet. Saracens declare determination to win land of Suddene according to law of, 287;
faith of, thrown off by Saracens for the true faith, 310

Mairi. Old widow in whose house the demon traders lived, 173

Marsile. King of Moors; defies Charlemagne, 122;
idols of, 122;
Blancandrin’s advice to, 123;
sends an embassage to Charlemagne, 124;
offers to become a Christian, 124-126;
Ganelon sent to, with Charlemagne’s terms, 130;
Ganelon’s reception by, 131, 132;
takes counsel with leaders, 132;
swears on the book of Law of Mahomet the treacherous death of Roland, 134;
pursues the Frankish army, 137;
Roland slays only son of, 147;
mortally wounded, he returns to Saragossa, 147;
his death, 154

Martin. See Lightfoot

Masses. Of the Father, of the Holy Spirit, of Our Lady, heard daily by Robin Hood, 315

Maxen Wledig. “The Dream of,” preserved in the “Mabinogion,” 42-49;
Emperor of Rome, 43;
expedition down the Tiber, 43;
his vision near Rome, 43;
his vision declared, 44-47;
ambassadors sent out to find the maiden of his dream, 47, 48;
journeys himself to land of Arvon, 48, 49;
conquers Britain from Beli, son of Manogan, 48;
weds Helena, daughter of Eudav, 49;
Constantine, son of, the only British-born Emperor of Rome, 49

Maxentius. Emperor; hero of Welsh saga “Mabinogion,” 42

Maximian. The Emperor; father of Fausta, who became Constantine’s wife, 64

Mead. Dwelling-place of Guest the Wise, 103

Meave. Queen of Connaught, wife of King Ailill; to decide claims to title of Chief Champion, 189;
pronounces judgment, 195

Mercia. Earldom of, held by Leofric, 335

Modi. King of Reynes; wooes Rymenhild, 303;
slain by Horn, 308;
land of, committed to care of Sir Athelbrus, 313

Mona. Sacred isle of; same as Anglesey; ambassadors of Maxen Wledig view, 47

Montjoie! Montjoie!” Battle cry of Franks, under Roland, 140, 142, 148

Moors. Rulers of, and Charlemagne, 119;
and Franks meet in battle, 140

Mordred, Sir. One of King Arthur’s nephews, 266

Most High. Grendel outcast from mercy of, 4

[Pg 369] Much. One of Robin Hood’s followers, 315;
assists to count out gold for stranger guest, 323

Murry. King of Suddene, 286;
Queen Godhild consort of, 286;
Horn, son of, 286;
attacked and slain by Saracens, 287, 288


Naesi. Irish hero, 156

Nails, The Holy. Obtained by Elene, 61;
given to Constantine, 62

Naimes, Duke. One of Charlemagne’s Twelve Peers, 126, 136, 137;
urges Charlemagne to hasten to rescue of Roland, 146

Norman England. Royal authority in, how asserted, 314

Normans. Or Flemings; Hereward enrolled among, to qualify for knighthood, 339;
Hereward’s trick on, with Fairy Bear, 341, 342

Norse influence in connection with story of “King Horn,” 286

Norsemen. Firm hold of blood-feud on imagination of, 96

North Country. Equivalent, Ulster, 165

North Sea. Forefathers who dwelt on shores of, 1;
ambassadors of Maxen Wledig reach, 47

Northumbria. Inheritance of Anlaf, 73;
writ of outlawry against Hereward only of nominal weight in, 339;
Earl Siward ruler in, 339;
Hereward leaves, 342

Nottinghamshire. The Sheriff of, and Robin Hood, 315