Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 205


Italy. Claims Roland in guise of Orlando, Orlando Furioso, Orlando Innamorato, 121


Jerusalem. The place where Christ suffered, 54;
Elene’s quest in, to find the sacred Cross, 54-62;
Constantine and Elene build a glorious church in, 61;
Cyriacus (Judas) Bishop of, 61;
messenger to Black Colin familiar with all holy places in, 250;
Black Colin as a pilgrim at, 253

Jesus Christ. The Cross the sign of, 53;
the Resurrection and Ascension of, preached to Constantine, 53

Jews. Elene’s quest to land of, to find sacred Cross, 55-58;
the Chosen People, 56;
summoned, but dismissed in peace, by Elene, 58

1. Son of Sir John of the Marshes, 205;
Gamelyn left in charge of, 206;
Gamelyn resists, 207, 208;
his great feast, 216;
put in chains by Gamelyn, 217;
proclaims Gamelyn [Pg 367] a wolf’s-head, 220;
his death by hanging, 224.
2. Little. See Little John

Joseph and his brethren, “Gamelyn,” a version of story of, 204

Judæa. See Jerusalem

Judas. Grandson of Zacchæus; confesses to knowledge of secret truth of Holy Tree, 57;
refuses at first to disclose the secret place of the Holy Cross, but is prevailed upon by starvation, 58, 59;
baptismal name Cyriacus, 61;
Ganelon compared with, 121

Judgment, Day of, 71

Julius Cæsar and early Britons, 184


Kay, Sir. Steward of King Arthur’s household, 266;
jeers at loathly lady, 277

Kent. Earldom of, held by Godwin, 335

Kerry. Champions drive to, 196

Kilchurn Castle. New castle built with rents of Glenurchy, 264

Knight of Courtesy. The true, is Sir Gawayne, King Arthur’s nephew, 265

Knight of Loch Awe. Equivalent, Black Colin Campbell, 249

Kynon. Son of Eudav, grandson of Caradoc, 49


Lady of Glenurchy. Grief of, 251;
the gold ring token, 252;
wooed by Baron MacCorquodale, 254-257;
receives forged letter, 255;
her stratagem to delay her marriage, 256;
builds a castle on ruins of White House on Innis Eoalan, 256, 257;
recognises and welcomes her husband, 262

Lady of Loch Awe. Same as Lady of Glenurchy, 251

Lae-gai´re. Bricriu urged to claim title of, 187;
Fedelm, wife of, 189;
awarded Champion’s Portion by Queen Meave, 195;
claim tested by Curoi, 196-203;
disgraced by Uath, 201

Lancelot, Sir. A Knight of the Round Table, 266

Lea, Sir Richard of the. Stranger guest of Robin Hood’s, 323

Leith. Black Colin takes ship at, for Holy Land, 253

Lendabair. Conall’s wife, 189

Leofric. Earl of Mercia, 335;
Lady Godiva, wife of, 335;
Hereward, second son of, 336;
Hall of Bourne, home of, 336;
his wrath kindled against Hereward, 337;
asks for writ of outlawry against Hereward, 338;
Hereward bids farewell to, 339

Leofricsson, Hereward. See Hereward

Leve (lāvĕ). Wife of Grim the fisherman, 78

Lightfoot, Martin. Hereward’s follower who accompanied him into exile, 339;
assists Hereward in his trick on Norman knights, 341, 342;
cast into prison by King Alef, 343;
released by King Alef’s daughter, 344, 345

Lincoln. Grim carries fish to, 81;
Havelok goes to, 82;
Havelok becomes porter, 82;
Havelok’s fame in, 83;
Godrich summons his army to, against Havelok, 93;
Godrich’s trial and death at, 94

Little John. One of Robin Hood’s followers, 315;
searches the stranger knight’s coffer, 319;
counts out four hundred pounds to stranger guest, 322, 323;
acts as squire to Sir Richard of the Lea, 323-327

Loathly Lady, The, and King Arthur, 271-274;
demands of King Arthur a young and handsome knight for husband, as [Pg 368] price of her help, 274;
Sir Gawayne offers to wed, 275;
Sir Kay jeers at, 277;
her betrothal to Sir Gawayne, 279;
her marriage with Sir Gawayne, 280;
set free from magic spells, 281-285

Loch Awe. See Awe, Loch