Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 203


Habloc. Welsh name for Havelok, 73

Haco. Cornish leader; betrothed to the Cornish princess, 347;
Cornish princess reveals plans of, to Hereward, 349;
ambush planned for, 350;
slain by Hereward, 350

Harold. Son of King Thurston, 301;
slain by the Saracens, 302

Hart, The. See Heorot, 3

Hastings. Battle of, and “Song of Roland,” 122

Hathcyn. Son of King Hrethel, brought up with Beowulf; slays his brother, Herebeald, 34;
slain himself by Swedes, 35

Hauteclaire. Oliver’s sword, 141

Havelok the Dane. Legend of, 73;
Anlaf, equivalent, 73;
hero of the strong arm, in mediæval England, 74;
son of King Birkabeyn of Denmark, 74;
committed to care of Jarl Godard, [Pg 364] 75;
imprisoned by Godard, 76-77;
saved and maintained by Grim, 78-82;
brought by Grim to England, 80;
his feats of strength, 82-84;
Goldborough forced to wed, 84-85;
Grim’s three sons accompany to Denmark, 87;
aided by Jarl Ubbe, 88-93;
Ubbe recognises as heir to throne of Denmark, and renders homage to, 90-91;
acknowledged King of Denmark, 92;
and of England, 94

Healfdene (ha´lf-dānĕ). Father of King Hrothgar, 9

Heardred (ha´rd-red). Son of Hygelac and Hygd; succeeds his father, 31;
his death, 31

Hector. Reference to death of, 95

Helena. British princess; marriage with Constantine glorified in “Mabinogion,” 42;
hailed as Empress of Rome, 48, 49;
receives three castles as dowry, Caernarvon, Caerlleon, and Caermarthen, 49;
mother of Constantine the Great, 63

Hell. The purchase of souls for, 170-183;
Cathleen sells her soul to, 179

Hengest. Deeds of, chanted in Heorot, 19

Heorot (hyo´r-ŏt). Hall built by Hrothgar, 3;
same as “The Hart,” 3;
enmity of Grendel to, 4;
feasting of Danes in, 4;
Danes slaughtered in, by Grendel, 4;
deserted by Danes, 5;
Grendel master of, 5;
Geats proceed to, 9;
feast in, to welcome Beowulf, 12;
Grendel and Beowulf struggle in, 16;
Grendel’s mother enters and carries off Aschere, 21

Herebeald (he´rĕ-bald). Son of King Hrethel, brought up with Beowulf, 34

Hereward. One of the famous outlaws, 225;
the Saxon, personality real, yet surrounded by cloud of romance, 334;
the ideal of Anglo-Saxon chivalry, as Roland of Norman, 334;
second son of Leofric and Godiva, 336;
terror of Fen Country, 336;
at court, and his conduct there, 337;
banished as an outlaw, 338, 339;
his farewell, 338, 339;
his first meeting with Alftruda, 339;
goes to his godfather, Gilbert of Ghent, 339;
enrolled among Flemings to qualify for knighthood, 339;
his encounter with the Fairy Bear, 340, 341;
rescues Alftruda, 341;
his trick on the Norman knights, 341, 342;
leaves Northumbria, 342;
takes farewell of Alftruda, 342;
takes farewell of Gilbert of Ghent, 343;
sails for Cornwall, 343;
at court of King Alef, 343;
kills the Pictish giant, 343;
imprisoned by King Alef, 343;
released by King Alef’s daughter, 344, 345;
sails for Ireland, 346;
sails for Cornwall with Prince Sigtryg, 347;
obtains admission to Haco’s bridal feast, 348;
learns Haco’s plans, 349;
slays Haco and helps to rescue Cornish princess, 350, 351;
known as Hereward the Saxon, the Champion of Women, 351

Herod. Constantine declared more cruel than, 67

Het-ware, The. Expedition against, 31, 34

Highlands. Gaelic, old ballads, heroes in, 248;
ballads, merely versions of Irish Gaelic hero-legends, 248;
Irish Gaelic hero-legends carried from Erin to, 248

Hildeburh, Queen. Deeds of, chanted in Heorot, 19

Hnæf (năf). Deeds of, chanted in Heorot, 19

Holy Cross. Constantine’s vision of, 42, 50, 51;
his desire to find, 54;
Elene’s quest after, 54-62;
Judas confesses to knowledge of sacred truth of, 57;
Judas refuses to reveal [Pg 365] place of, at first, but is prevailed upon by starvation, 58, 59;
the “Day” of, ordained, 62

Holy Innocents. Constantine declared more cruel than Herod, who killed the, 67

Holy Land. Black Colin receives tidings of fresh crusade in, 250;
sets out for, 252;
Black Colin’s desire to see, 253

Holy Nails. Obtained by Elene, 61;
given to Constantine, 62

Holy Rood. King Arthur vows by, 268;
giant forces him to swear by, 270

Holy Sepulchre. Black Colin’s desire to see, 253

Holy Tree. See Holy Cross