Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 202

Geatland. Same as Götaland; news of Grendel’s ravages reaches, 6;
Beowulf sails to, 29;
welcomed to shores of, 29, 30

Geats. Hygelac, King of, 1;
Götaland, realm of, 5;
arrival with Beowulf at Danish shores, 7;
friendship with Danes, 30;
forsake Beowulf in his encounter with the fire-dragon, 36;
their sorrow over Beowulf’s death, 40-41

Gerier. Peer of Charlemagne; mortally wounded, 143

Gerin. Peer of Charlemagne; mortally wounded, 143

Germany. Forefathers who dwelt in North, 1;
Hygelac seeks conquest of his neighbours on mainland of, 5

Ghent. See Gilbert

Gilbert of Ghent. Hereward’s godfather, 339;
Hereward received by, 339;
his Fairy Bear, slain by Hereward, 340, 341;
Hereward quits his castle, 342;
Hereward takes farewell of, 343

Glenurchy. Glen belonging to MacGregors, given to Sir Nigel Campbell, 249;
Black Colin inherits, 250;
Lady of, grieves over her husband’s departure on crusade, 251;
Baron MacCorquodale’s land borders, 256;
Black Colin’s return to, 258;
new castle built with rents of, 264

God. The Unknown, reverenced by Constantine, 51;
the people awed by the token of the Unknown, 53;
worship of the True, 157;
famine cools love for, 167

Godard, Jarl. Counsellor and friend of King Birkabeyn, 75;
Havelok committed to care of, 75;
regency over Denmark, 75;
his cruelty, 76-78;
his treachery disclosed and punished by death, 91-92

Godhild. Queen of Suddene, King Murry’s consort, the mother of Horn, 286;
hears of husband’s death and flees, 288

Godiva, Lady. Wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, 335;
her famous ride through Coventry, 335;
Hereward, second son of, 336

Godrich. Earl of Cornwall, regent for Princess Goldborough, 80;
his rule, 81;
imprisons Princess Goldborough out of jealousy, 81;
attends sports at Lincoln, 83;
hears of Havelok’s skill and strength, 83;
enforces a marriage between Havelok and Goldborough, 84;
captured, tried as a traitor, and burnt at the stake, 93-94

Godwin. Earl of Kent, 335;
Lady Gytha, wife of, 335;
intercedes on behalf of Hereward, 338;
Hereward bids farewell to, 339

[Pg 363] Goldborough. English princess, daughter of King Athelwold; orphaned, 80;
Earl Godrich regent for, 80;
imprisoned in Dover Castle, 81;
forced to wed Havelok, 84;
learns in a dream of Havelok’s royal birth, 86;
crowned Queen of England, 94

Golden Age. Forefathers cherished lifetime of ancestors as, 1

Götaland. Realm of Geats, in south of Sweden, 5.
See Geatland, 7

Goths. Form a confederation with the Huns, Franks, and Hugas to overthrow Constantine, 50

Gower, “The Moral.” Early English poet; his poem “Confessio Amantis” and Constantine’s conversion, 42;
story told in “Confessio Amantis” of Constantine’s true charity, 64

Greece. Philosophers from, with remedies for Constantine’s leprosy, 65

Greek-s. Elene touches at land of, 56;
literature, relation of, to Irish literature, 184;
of Homer, early Britons, and Irish Celts, racial affinity between, 184

Grendel. A loathsome fen-monster, 3;
enmity aroused by the feasting at Heorot, 4;
slays and devours Danes in Heorot, 4;
master of Heorot, 5;
Beowulf determines to attack, 6;
struggles with Beowulf in Heorot, 16;
worsted by Beowulf, 17;
mother of, avenges his death, 21

Grey of Macha. Cuchulain’s best-beloved horse, 191

Grim. Legendary hero whose loyalty secured privileges to Grimsby, 74;
Godard’s thrall, 77;
ordered to drown Havelok, 77;
saves and maintains Havelok, 79-82;
sails from Denmark to England, 80;
sends Havelok to Lincoln, 82;
his death, 85;
his three sons, Robert the Red, William Wendut, and Hugh the Raven, 87

Grimsby. The town of Grim, 74;
Havelok at fish-market of, 82;
battle near, between Havelok and Godrich, 93

Gudrun. Reference to Siegfried and, 95

Guenever, Queen. Wife of King Arthur, 266;
dreads magic arts during husband’s absence, 274;
learns of King Arthur’s adventure with the giant, 274;
welcomes the loathly lady at court, 280

Guest, The Wise. Sister of, marries Thorbiorn, 103;
Howard seeks at the Thing, 108, 109, 110;
his judgment against Thorbiorn, 110, 111;
removes his sister from Thorbiorn, 111;
gives judgment at Thing against Howard, 118

Gytha, Lady. Wife of Godwin, Earl of Kent, 335