Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 199


Comala. Hero in Gaelic Highland poems, 248

Conall Cearnach. Cuchulain’s cousin, a Red Branch chief, 187;
urged to claim title of Chief Champion, 187;
awarded Champion’s Portion, 195;
claim tested by Curoi, 196-203;
disgraced by Uath, 201

Confessio Amantis. Early English poem, by “the moral Gower,” 42;
story told in, of Constantine’s true charity, 64

Connaught. Ailill, King of, 189;
heroes sent to Cruachan in, 190

Conor. King of Ulster, 185;
Cuchulain, nephew of, 185;
[Pg 358] Dechtire, sister of, 185;
invited with the heroes of Red Branch to a feast by Bricriu, 186;
received with court at Dundrum by Bricriu, 188

Conqueror, William the. Cause of England being laid at feet of, 338

Constantine III. King of Scotland; marriage of Anlaf with daughter of, 73

Constantine the Great. Emperor of Rome; renown in mediæval England, 42;
Cynewulf’s poem, “Elene,” written on the subject of his conversion, 42;
his vision of the Holy Cross, 42, 50, 51;
generosity to Church of Rome and Bishop Sylvester, 42;
legends concerning, 42;
the only British-born Roman emperor, 49;
his greatness provokes a confederation to overthrow him by Huns, Goths, Franks, and Hugas, 50;
conquers Huns by Cross standard, 52;
Christians preach the way of life to, 53;
is baptized into the Christian faith, 53;
his desire to find the sacred Cross, 54;
sends for Elene, 54;
ordains “Holy Cross Day,” 62;
eldest son of Constantius, 63;
sent to Britain, 63;
proclaimed emperor, 63;
granted title of “Cæsar,” 64;
marriage with Fausta, 64;
elevation to rank of Augustus, 64;
Emperor of Rome, 64;
attacked by leprosy, 64;
the remedies suggested, 65-72;
his noble resolve, 68;
his vision, 69-70;
his healing, 71-72

Constantius. Emperor Maxentius hero of the Welsh saga instead of, 42;
father of Constantine the Great, 63;
proclaimed Emperor of Britain, 63

Cornish Princess, The. Daughter of King Alef, affianced to Prince Sigtryg, 343, 344, 345, 346;
Haco betrothed to, 347, 348;
receives token from Hereward, 348;
reveals Haco’s plans to Hereward, 349;
rescued from Haco, 350;
guards, all slain, 351;
wedded by Sigtryg, 351

Cornwall. Godrich, Earl of, 80;
Bertram made Earl of, 94;
Hereward sails for, 343;
Alef, King of, 343;
Sigtryg and Hereward sail for, 347

Coventry. Lady Godiva’s ride through, 335

Crescent. Cross exalted above the, 253

Cross. The Holy, Constantine’s vision of, 42, 50, 51;
Romans conquer Huns by, 52;
the people awed by the standard of the, 53;
Constantine’s desire to find the sacred, 54;
Elene’s quest after, 54-62;
secret place of, revealed by Judas, 61;
“Holy Cross Day” ordained, 62

Cruachan. Conor sends heroes to Ailill at, 190;
Good People’s Hill at, 193;
heroes bid farewell to court at, 195

Crusade-s. Reference to, 249;
Black Colin receives tidings of one about to be set on foot, 250;
Black Colin decides to go on, 251;
story of Horn typical of romance of the, 286

Cuchulain. Reference to Connla and, 95;
Irish hero, 156;
often called “the Irish Achilles,” 184;
nephew of King Conor and son of Dechtire, 185;
god Lugh, reputed father of, 185;
champion in Ulster and all Ireland, 185;
bride sought for, 186;
wooes and weds Emer, daughter of Forgall the Wily, 186;
Conall Cearnach, cousin of, 187;
urged to claim title of Chief Champion, 188;
Grey of Macha and Black Sainglain, magic steeds of, 191;
awarded golden cup and Champion’s Portion, 195;
claim tested by Curoi, 196-203;
answers Uath’s tests, 202;
acclaimed Champion of Heroes of all Ireland, 203

[Pg 359] Curoi of Munster. Failing a judgment from Ailill, to be asked to decide claims to title of Chief Champion, 190;
heroes go to, to hear his judgment, 196;
puts heroes to certain tests in order to decide claims, 196-203;
assumes form of giant under name of Uath, the Stranger, 199-203

Curtius. Reference to, 156

Cuthbert. Name under which Childe Horn serves King Thurston in Ireland, 301, 302

Cynewulf (ki´nĕ-wulf). Early English religious poet; “Elene,” his poem on the subject of conversion of Constantine the Great, 42

Cyriacus. Baptismal name of Judas, 61;
Bishop of Jerusalem, 61