Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 198


Caerlleon. See Caernarvon, 49

Caermarthen. See Caernarvon, 49

Caernarvon. Castle in land of Arvon in which Princess Helena dwelt, 48;
given with castles Caerlleon and Caermarthen to Princess Helena as dowry, 49

Cain. Grendel, offspring of, 4

Caledonians. Defeated by Constantius, 63

Calidore, Sir. Mediæval Wales had a knight of courtesy equal to, 265

Calvary. The hill of, 58, 59, 61

Campbell, Sir Nigel. Leader in Scottish Independence, 249;
father of Black Colin, 249;
his death, 250;
clansmen of, accompany Black Colin to Holy Land, 252

Caradoc. Father of Eudav; grandfather of Princess Helena, and of Princes Kynon and Adeon, 49

Carlisle. Outlaw band near town of, in Englewood Forest, 226;
reference to sheriff of, 227;
William of Cloudeslee goes to, 227;
sheriff informed of William’s presence at, 229;
outlaws Adam Bell and Clym go to, 234;
the outlaws escape from, 239;
King Arthur keeps Christmas at, 266;
Sir Gawayne and loathly lady wedded at, 280

Cathbad. Druid; Cuchulain’s tutor, 185

Cathleen. Irish countess; legend concerning, 156;
antiquity of the legend, 156;
the story, 156-183;
her grief because of her people’s famine, 161;
prays to Virgin Mary, 163;
Fergus, steward of, 163;
value of her wealth, 164;
commands Fergus to provide food for sufferers from famine, 165;
her goodness extolled by the demons, 169;
hears of demon traders, 172;
tries to check traffic in souls, 174;
visits demons, 176;
Oona, foster-mother to, 178;
revisits demons, 179;
sells her soul, 179, 180;
her death, 182

Catholic Church. Pope, head of, 119

[Pg 357] Celion. Constantine to send to, for Bishop Sylvester, 71

Celtic Literature. Spirit of mysticism in all, 156

Celts. Gospel preached to, by St. Patrick, 157;
Irish, early Britons, and Greeks of Homer, racial affinity between, 184

1. Of Erin: compared with Achilles, 184;
Cuchulain the, his fame at age of seventeen, 185;
Bricriu urges Laegaire to claim title of, 187;
title to go to warrior who obtains Champion’s Bit, 187;
tests to decide claims to title of, 193, 194, 196-203;
Uath the Stranger challenges the heroes to a test to decide claims to title, 199-203.
2. Of Women: Hereward known as, 351

Champion of Ireland. See Champion of Erin.

Champion’s Bit, The, 187, 188;
claimed by chariot-drivers of Laegaire, Conall, and Cuchulain, 188, 189;
awarded by Queen Meave to Laegaire, 195;
heroes severally claim, 195, 196;
tests to decide claims to, 196-203

Chanson de Roland. Roland and, 121;
late version of Anglo-Norman poem, 122;
Thorold, author of, 122

Charlemagne. World-famed equivalent, 119;
head of Roman Empire, 119;
Roland, nephew of, 119;
expedition into Spain, 119;
receives an embassage from Marsile, 124;
calls his Twelve Peers to council, 125;
sends Ganelon to Saragossa, 128-130;
receives through Ganelon the keys of Saragossa, 134;
his evil dream, 134, 137;
hears Roland’s horn, 145, 146;
hastens to the rescue, 146;
avenges death of Roland and the Peers, 153, 154;
his return to Aix, 155;
his son, Louis, promised to Aude the Fair, 155

Charles the Great. King of the Franks, world-famed as Charlemagne, 119.
See Charlemagne

Childe Horn. See Horn

Chosen People. The Jews the, 56

Christ. The Cross the sign of, 53;
the Resurrection of, preached to Constantine, 53;
Constantine’s desire to find the sacred Cross, 54;
inhabitants of Suddene who believe on, threatened with death, 287

Christendom. Enriched by treasures of the True Cross and Holy Nails, 62

Christian-s. Preach the way of life to Constantine, 53;
the Lord of, 57;
faith, in Iceland, 96, 97;
law, to be driven out of Suddene by law of Mahomet, 287

Church of Rome. Constantine’s generosity to, 42

Churchmen. Beaten and battered by Gamelyn, 217

Cinderella. Root idea of, similar to “Gamelyn,” 204

Clym of the Cleugh. Outlaw leader in forest of Englewood, 226;
declared powerless to deliver William of Cloudeslee, 233;
his stratagem to save William of Cloudeslee, 234;
rescues William from death, 238;
visits London to see the king, 241;
the king pardons, 243

Colin, Black. See Black Colin,