Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 197


Babylon, Emir of. Marsile’s vassal; defeated by Charlemagne, 154

Baltic Sea. Forefathers who dwelt on shores of, 1

Banier, Sir. A Knight of the Round Table, 266

Barnesdale. Forest in South Yorkshire, once dwelling-place of Robin Hood, 314, 315;
Sir Richard of the Lea sets out for, to repay loan, 328

Barton, Sir Andrew. Scottish hero, 248

Basques. Attack Charlemagne, 119

Bathstead. Place on shores of Icefirth near where Thorbiorn lived, 97-118

Bean-stan. Father of Breca, 12

Bedivere, Sir. A Knight of the Round Table, 266

Beli. Son of Manogan; Britain conquered by Maxen Wledig from, 48

Bell, Adam. Outlaw leader in forest of Englewood, 226;
declared powerless to deliver William of Cloudeslee, 233;
rescues William from death, 237, 238;
visit to London to see the king, 241;
the king pardons, 243

Beo´wa. Stories of, crystallised in stories of Beowulf, 1

1. The poem of, 1.
2. Thane of Hygelac, King of Geats, 1;
son of Ecgtheow, 6;
nephew of King Hygelac, 6;
grandson of Hrethel, 6;
brought up at Geatish court, 6;
famous swimming match[Pg 355] with Breca, 6;
his mighty hand-grip, 6;
sails for Denmark to attack Grendel, 6;
challenged by Warden of Denmark, 6;
declares his mission to Hrothgar, 10;
disparaged by Hunferth, 12;
honoured by Queen Wealhtheow, 14, 20;
struggles with Grendel, 16;
mortally wounds Grendel, 17;
vows to slay mother of Grendel, 23;
does so, 26;
carries off sword-hilt and Grendel’s head, 26;
sails to Geatland, 29;
welcomed by King Hygelac and Queen Hygd, 29, 30;
chief champion of Hygelac, 30;
refuses the throne in favour of Heardred, and becomes guardian of, 31;
again chosen King of Geatland, 31;
encounters with fire-dragon, 31-39;
recites slaying of Frankish warrior, Daghrefn, 35;
forsaken by Geats in his encounter with the fire-dragon, 36;
slays the dragon, 37;
his death and funeral, 39-41

Berild. Son of King Thurston, 301;
slain by the Saracens, 302

Bernard Brown. Danish magistrate; protects Havelok and Goldborough, 88-89

Ber-na´r-do del Ca´r-pio. Hero in Spanish legend who defeats Roland, 121

Bertram. Earl’s cook who befriended Havelok, 82-83;
marries one of Grim’s daughters and becomes Earl of Cornwall, 94

Biargey. Wife of Howard the Halt, 97;
urges Howard to claim wergild for Olaf, 106, 107, 108;
Howard returns to, 111;
visits her brothers, Valbrand, Thorbrand, and Asbrand, 112, 113;
hails Thorbiorn while out fishing, 112;
urges Howard to seek vengeance, 113, 114

Birkabeyn. Rule of, as king over Denmark, 74;
Swanborow and Elfleda, daughters of, and Havelok, son of, 74;
commits Havelok to care of Jarl Godard, 75;
death and funeral of, 75;
Jarl Ubbe, an old friend of, 87

Black Colin of Loch Awe, 249;
son of Sir Nigel Campbell, 249;
Patterson, name of foster-parents, 250;
messenger tells of new crusade, 250;
decides to go on crusade, 251;
his wife’s grief, 251;
touches at Edinburgh and ships at Leith, en route to Holy Land, 253;
his desire to see Holy Land and Holy Sepulchre, 253;
reaches Rome, 253;
sees Pope, 253;
regards Pope as Vicar of Christ, 253;
journeys to Rhodes, 253;
takes service with Knights of St. John, 253;
a pilgrim at Jerusalem, 253;
letter in name of, forged by Baron MacCorquodale, 255;
falsely reported wounded by Saracens, 255;
hears news of wife’s impending second marriage, 257;
returns home, 258;
welcomed by foster-mother, 259;
disguised as a beggar, hands token to his wife, 262;
recognised and welcomed by his wife, 262

Black Douglas. Scottish hero, 248

Black Monk, The. Captured by Robin Hood’s followers, 330;
high cellarer in Abbey of St. Mary, 331;
Robin Hood confiscates his gold as repayment of loan to Sir Richard of the Lea, 331, 332;
departs from greenwood, 332

Black Sainglain. One of Cuchulain’s magic steeds, 191

Blancandrin. Vassal of King Marsile, 123;
overtaken by Ganelon, 130;
Ganelon and, plot Roland’s destruction, 131

Blaye. Bodies of Roland, Oliver, and Turpin buried in cathedral of, 155

Bluemire. Dwelling-place of Howard the Halt, 97

[Pg 356] Bog of Allen. Cathleen’s messenger declared to be sick in, 177

Bors, Sir. A Knight of the Round Table, 266

Bourne, Hall of. Home of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, 336

Brand. Trusted serving-man of Thorbiorn, 97, 102

Breca. Famous swimming champion, beaten by Beowulf, 6;
son of Beanstan, 12

Bricriu of the Bitter Tongue. Compared with Thersites, 186;
invites King Conor and Red Branch heroes to a feast, 186;
stirs up strife among heroes of Ulster, 187, 188;
flatters the wives of the heroes, 189, 190

1. Of the Holy Fire; wrath of, and Irish people, 158.
2. Cathleen’s old servant, 173

Briseis. Achilles and his sulks concerning, 184

Britain. Legend of “The Dream of Maxen Wledig” shows importance of Constantine to, 42;
ambassadors of Maxen Wledig carried to, 47;
conquered by Maxen Wledig from Beli, son of Manogan, 48;
given by Maxen Wledig to Eudav, 49;
Elene summoned from, is baptized, and seeks the sacred Cross, 54-62;
Constantine sent to, 63;
Constantine proclaimed emperor of, 63

Britons, Early, Greeks of Homer, and Irish Celts, racial affinity between, 184

Brittany. Roland, prefect of marches of, 120

Bruce, Robert. Scottish hero, 248;
Sir Nigel Campbell, adherent of, 249