Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions Being a Comparison of the Old and New Testament Myths and Miracles with those of the Heathen Nations of Antiquity Considering also their Origin and Meaning

Page: 338

Page 575, under Eclipse: of Julius Cæsar,[comma missing in original] 207

Page 575, under Essenes: and the Therapeutæ[original has Therapeute]

Page 575, under Females: fasted forty days before marriage, 179.[original has semi-colon]

Page 576, under Germans: under the name of Hertha, 334,[original has hyphen] 477

Page 577: Hâu-Ki[original has Han-Ki]

Page 578, Iönah: Juno[original has Juna], suspended in space

Page 579, under John the Baptist: the day of the Summer[original has Sumner] Solstice

Page 579: under Judge of the Dead, Aeacus[original has Æeacus]

Page 580, under March 25th: honor of the Christian[original has Christain] Virgin

Page 581, under Messiahs: time of Jesus, 196,[original has semi-colon] 519

Page 582: Nebuchadnezzar[original has Nebuchadonazar]

Page 582: Nutar[original has Nuter] Nutra

Page 583, under Parthenon, the, at Athens[original has Atheas]

Page 584, under Portuguese: mountain in Ceylon, Pico[original has Peco] d' Adama

Page 584: under Protogenia, mother of Aethlius[original has Æthlius]

Page 584, under Râ: born from the side of his mother[original has mothe.]

Page 584: Raam-ses[original has Raam-sees]

Page 585: Rosicrucians[original has Rosi-crucians]

Page 585, under Scandinavians, Beneficent[original has Benificent] Saviour

Page 585, under Second Coming: of Kalewipoeg[original has Kalewipeog]

Page 586, under Simon Magus: professed to be the "Word of God,[original has semi-colon]" the "Paraclete," or "Comforter," 164

Page 586, under Tacitus, the allusion to Jesus in, a forgery, 566-568.[page number references missing in original]

Page 587, under Tao-tse: formed by Lao-Kiun[original has Lao-Kuin]

Page 588: under Yadu: Vishnu[original has Vishna] became incarnate in the House of, 113

Page 589: Zarathustra[original has Zarathrustra] (see Zoroaster).

Page 589, under Zend-Avesta, signifies the "Living Word,[original has semi-colon]" 59

Page 589: Zerubabel[original has Zeru-babel]

Page 589, under Zeupater[original has Zeu-pater]: the Dyaus-pitar [original has Dyans-pitar] of Asia