Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions Being a Comparison of the Old and New Testament Myths and Miracles with those of the Heathen Nations of Antiquity Considering also their Origin and Meaning

Page: 336

6. _He was born in a Cave._

6. _He was ordered to be put to death._

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Page xxiii: Sir John Malcolm's[original has Malcom's] History of Persia

Page 3: closed up the flesh instead thereof."[closing quotation mark missing in original]

Page 10: it was in a gentle slumber."[closing quotation mark missing in original]

Page 11: the power of the resurrection."[closing quotation mark missing in original]

Page 23: in his "Ancient Fragments," the[original has "The] history

Page 32: Agni, the[original has the the] Hindoo god

Page 52: "[quotation mark missing in original]The whole multitude of the people

Page 66: Chambers's Encyclopædia[original has Encylopædia]

Page 82: this founder of civilization[original has cizilization] has a Solar character

Page 89: as Pharaoh's[original has Pharoah's] daughter did with the child

Page 107: "[original has single quote]The student of Pagan religion

Page 102: Xisuthrus[original has Xisthrus] (who is the Chaldean hero)

Page 109: (Joel,[original has period] iii. 6)

Page 141: birth of great men[original has greatmen], such as Abraham

Page 146: mankind by persuading[original has pursuading] them to eat

Page 149: apocryphal Gospel called "[quotation mark missing in original]Protevangelion"

Page 176: applied himself to practice asceticism[original has ascetcism]

Page 181: folly it is to expect salvation[original has savlation]

Page 182: temple of the Laphystian[original has Laphystan] Jupiter

Page 245: who appear before him as the judge.[original has extraneous quotation mark]

Page 247: all things were created by him."[original has single quote]

Page 282: Jesus was pierced with a spear.[282:4][period and footnote anchor missing in original]

Page 283: 36. "[quotation mark missing in original]And after six days

Page 284: fix his heart and thoughts on God alone."[closing quotation mark missing in original]

Page 287: Aristotle[original has Aristote] a picker-up of ethics

Page 298: [original has extraneous quotation mark]Well authenticated records establish

Page 299: "[quotation mark missing in original]When the time came

Page 300: Gautama Buddha taught that all men are brothers;[semi-colon missing in original]

Page 301: before the practice of shaving the head[original has dead]