Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions Being a Comparison of the Old and New Testament Myths and Miracles with those of the Heathen Nations of Antiquity Considering also their Origin and Meaning

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PART I. PAGE Introduction iii List of Authorities, and Books Quoted from xi CHAPTER I. The Creation and Fall of Man 1 CHAPTER II. The Deluge 19 CHAPTER III. The Tower of Babel 33 CHAPTER IV. The Trial of Abraham's Faith 36 CHAPTER V. Jacob's Vision of the Ladder 42 CHAPTER VI. The Exodus from Egypt 48 CHAPTER VII. Receiving the Ten Commandments 58 CHAPTER VIII. Samson and his Exploits 62 [Pg viii]CHAPTER IX. Jonah Swallowed By A Big Fish 77 CHAPTER X. Circumcision 85 CHAPTER XI. Conclusion Of Part First 88 PART II. CHAPTER XII. The Miraculous Birth Of Christ Jesus 111 CHAPTER XIII. The Star Of Bethlehem 140 CHAPTER XIV. The Song of The Heavenly Host 147 CHAPTER XV. The Divine Child Recognized, and Presented with Gifts 150 CHAPTER XVI. The Birth-place of Christ Jesus 154 CHAPTER XVII. The Genealogy of Christ Jesus 160 CHAPTER XVIII. The Slaughter of The Innocents 165 CHAPTER XIX. The Temptation, and Fast Of Forty Days 175 CHAPTER XX. The Crucifixion of Christ Jesus 181 CHAPTER XXI. The Darkness at the Crucifixion 206 [Pg ix]CHAPTER XXII. "He Descended into Hell." 211 CHAPTER XXIII. The Resurrection and Ascension of Christ Jesus 215 CHAPTER XXIV. The Second Coming of Christ Jesus, and the Millennium 233 CHAPTER XXV. Christ Jesus as Judge of the Dead 244 CHAPTER XXVI. Christ Jesus as Creator, and Alpha and Omega 247 CHAPTER XXVII. The Miracles of Christ Jesus, and the Primitive Christians 252 CHAPTER XXVIII. Christ Crishna and Christ Jesus 278 CHAPTER XXIX. Christ Buddha and Christ Jesus 289 CHAPTER XXX. The Eucharist or Lord's Supper 305 CHAPTER XXXI. Baptism 316 CHAPTER XXXII. The Worship of the Virgin Mother 326 CHAPTER XXXIII. Christian Symbols 339 CHAPTER XXXIV. The Birth-day of Christ Jesus 359 CHAPTER XXXV. The Trinity 368 [Pg x]CHAPTER XXXVI. Paganism in Christianity 384 CHAPTER XXXVII. Why Christianity Prospered 419 CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Antiquity of Pagan Religions 450 CHAPTER XXXIX. Explanation 466 CHAPTER XL. Conclusion 508 Appendix 531


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