1000 Mythological Characters Briefly Described

Page: 22

Page 13Deianeira amended to Deianira—... in his love for Deianira.

Page 18—Podalirus amended to Podalirius—... Machaon and Podalirius, both famous physicians, ...

Page 31—Rumina amended to Rumia—Babes, see Rumia Dea.

Page 32—Thanyris amended to Thamyris—Blind, see Thamyris.

Page 49—Antaeas amended to AntaeusEarth, see Antaeus.

Page 55—Plato amended to PlutoFebruus (Feb′ruus). A name of Pluto, ...

Page 56Chimera amended to Chimaera—She was the reputed mother of Chimaera, ...

Page 61—Segestia amended to Segetia—Harvest, see Segetia.

Page 70—Venns amended to Venus—... in which there is a grove sacred to Venus.

Page 72—Argus amended to Argos—... and a priestess of Juno at Argos.

Page 79—Romas amended to Romans—The Romans used to swear by Jupiter Lapis.

Page 84—Diomede amended to Diomedes—... but was defeated by Diomedes.

Page 87—Thot amended to Thoth—There was also an Egyptian Mercury under the name of Thoth, ...

Page 89—Glaucopis amended to Glaukopis—... Pallas, Parthenos, Tritonia, and Glaukopis.

Page 117—Japetes amended to Japetus—... the son of Japetus ...

Page 122—Runcia amended to Runcina—Runcina (Runcina). The goddess of weeding ...

Page 127Chimera amended to Chimaera—See Aesculapius, Apollo, Chimaera, ...

Page 127—Thanyris amended to Thamyris—Singing, see Polyhymnia, Thamyris.

Page 130—Ergotis amended to Ergatis—Spinning, see Arachne, Ergatis.

Page 134—Thesmorphonius amended to Thesmorphonis—Thesmorphonis (Thesmorphonis). A name of Ceres.

Page 135—Naryanan amended to Narayan—Tides, see Narayan.

Page 141—Calistro amended to Calisto—Ursa Major (Ur′sa Ma′jor), see Calisto.

Page 145—Ergatos amended to Ergatis—Weaving, see Ergatis.

The book notes Vishnu as a goddess, and Laksmi as one of Vishnu's husbands. This is preserved as printed.

Minor punctuation errors have been repaired. Hyphenation has been made consistent.

The following printer errors have been repaired:

Page 102—anxiiety amended to anxiety—Orpheus, however, in his anxiety ...

Page 124—spirites amended to sprites—The sprites of fiery termagants in flame, ...

Page 140—preceive amended to perceive—... I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.

With regard to quoted material, all attributions (or lack thereof) are preserved as in the original.

The transcriber notes that, on page 16, two couplets are attributed to Pope, although the second is actually from Dryden. However, this is preserved as printed.

The transcriber has added alphabetic links at the beginning of the book and at the beginning of the dictionary for ease of navigation.

The frontispiece illustration has been moved to follow the title page. Other illustrations have been moved where necessary so that they are not in the middle of a paragraph.

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