Mission 2- Pandora's box Picture

Foster (my character, not me) and John try to play Jumanji but can't finish it, so they look for a place to hide the damn game. They find a little box with all the evils inside it and release them, blaming Pandora.

In Greek mythology, Pandora was a woman made by Hephaestos to seduce Prometheus. Zeus left her in charge of the box containing all evils, but she supposedly had opened it so she released sickness, dry, anger and fear to the world - now we see who actually did it.

Jumanji (c) Chris Van Allsburg
«D'oh!» (c) FOX
Foster & John (c) me
Effigy of 10,000 Years - 08
Pandora's box
Mission 2- Pandora's box
Fire of the Gods