Prometheus Picture

Translated Title : "Prometheus" ,
It's drawed with pastel,
and has the dimensions : 100 cm * 70 cm
It needs appr. 100 hours of work.

Thats my first pastell-painting , which i ever made. It was painted february-march 2001 , for a part of a vernissage for which i made a couple of other drawings too (mostly to see in my deviantart-gallery).

For me, Prometheus represents the humanity, which is mostly punished in this world...
Prometheus made the first people in the greek mythology, and he love those human beings so much, that he stole the fire from the olympic gods... And he do a lot of other things for the mankind of the past...
For all this things, he was punished by zeus...
Zeus bind Prometheus to a rock in the kaukasian mountains... and since this day, the eagle from Zeus fly to Prometheus each day, to eat his "re-growing" liver.
For me, the eagle is the exekutive part of all the enemies of humanity...

And like Prometheus, he only can suffering, and be angry about this treatment.. just like the humanity today, in all parts of the world, in all socialogical areas..

Its a sort of mythological Jesus Christ, i think...for me it is.
He represents the real suffering by the unhumanity and injusticy by the people with power.
Like Plato says : "Every man, with enough power for injusticy, is unjust."

So, this picture is a mirror for the mankind itself.. a sort of mirror... thats one of the most important mirrors.. a mirror, for each one of us... It would be good, when we would stand every day in front of this mirror - facing our inhumanity, our prejudices ...
Think about the people, for which we are the eagle ?
Maybe, there would be lesser eagles for us, if we would lesser eagle, for others ? ...
Because its easy to be "fair", if we had the power to punish those, who seems unfair.
The hard thing is : to be human, if we had enough power to punish those, who seems inhuman to us.
But the last thing is the way to a better world, i believe. Thats the way, how the good wants to triumph...

Because : "bombing for peace, is like fucking for virginity."
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