Mnemosyne Picture

Okay, so the category on this isn't totally correct. It's a portrait painting, and I'm going to consider it fantasy, but it isn't an original character. Mnemosyne is one of the Greek titans and the goddess of memory.

Anyway. In my AP Art class we're starting our concentrations, which is a unified body of work with both aesthetic and conceptual themes that tie all of the pieces together. I really enjoyed doing my last piece, Autumn Girl, where I worked to combine 2D designs and 3D painting. I've decided to pursue this 2D/3D style for my concentration. As for the concept, I've always been very interested in fantasy art, so I want to create artwork that has fantasy subjects or themes, but still look like a new, modern piece. I'll probably stay focused on either mythology or folklore in general. That gives me a lot of freedom.

As far as this particular picture goes, I'm very happy with the hair and the 2D designs. But I've still got a lot of painting technique to develop. My figures still look kind of lifeless, which I really need to fix somehow. And the hand... well... I don't know that I've ever actually painted a hand. Successfully. Before.

Mnemosyne, Goddess Of Memory
Speed Portrait -  Mnemosyne
Sailor Mnemosyne
Olympus: Mnemosyne