Random Gods - Lucifer Picture

Always wanted to do this guy: Lucifer 'bringer of light'. At least, that's the Latin version of his name. In Greek he was called Eosphoros, and he and his brother, Vesperus, were in charge of the planet Venus as the alternating "morning" and "evening star". His rap as an alternate name for the Devil is probably unfounded. When Isaiah unloads his anger on the King of Babylon, he compares him to the cherub, Lucifer, only he has fallen from heaven into hell, since he is only a man who thought he was a god... (Is. 14: 12)
The Greek Lucifer was the son of two Titans, Astraios 'the starry one' and Eos 'the dawn'...
TMI ? Heh...
Eos and Helios
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Random Gods - Lucifer
Eos and Tithonos