Thetis-Queen of Oceans Picture

This is the line drawing for the flash. I was tapped by a muse today....just HAD to draw a mermaid....and not just ANY mermaid....THE mermaid...Thetis...Greek mythology's queen of the oceans.....crazy stuff.....
well there's all kinds of stuff wrong with this....the proportions are wrong, and don't even get me started on her breasts...about the only thing i really like is her face and her hair....
gonna use lots of sea-greens and things...

please be brutal in your critiques!

and I have a HUGE hard-on for pearls, hence there being so many! ^_~
ISdN - Thetis 2
Ocean Empire
Thetis-Queen of Oceans
ISdN - Thetis 4
ISdN - Thetis 3