Jacky Eraseus OC Sheet Picture


Hibernia resident (c) ~greendivastar

Character Name: Jacky (given human name) Eraseus (given name by her mother Erato)
Character Species: Muse
Powers: lyric or love poetry
Hails From: Saint-Flour
Brief Character History/Description:

Her mother is Erato the muse of lyric or love poetry. So there for Jacky has a power to pull you deep into thought and to make you spill your lyrics or love out on paper. Beware if she thinks you like someone she will make you tell, but on paper. So otherwise she is a quiet and cute little muse that enjoys the forest even more every day because she still has yet learned how to write her one true love poem or love lyrics. In her culture, one must find a true love by using their power. She has to sing them to him. But since she is just a young muse she has still yet to find her song/poem.

European Literature and Composition
Mythology: Truth vs. Fiction
Ancient Runes-Basic Ancient Runes
Beginning Women’s Chorus
Acting I
General Health and Nutrition
Chiharu, female Jack Sparrow
Old Sketch from March 16th 2013
Jacky Eraseus OC Sheet
Two Sides
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