Prima Facie Picture

What do you think of this?? I am not sure myself. It seems like a lot of my art I really hate at first (it's mainly the coloring) then later on I look back and really like it. Coloring is a super bitch!

The saying and the image are unrelated. The saying is related to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and the image is related to a friend's story about a void. Why's her "pantsu" down? I'm being cool and being Freudian of course!

I have a question. Do women have muses? In greek mythology they are goddesses of inspiration for artists and such but at the time mostly men were allowed to create art with only a few exceptions. My logic may seem sexist but I have only heard of men needing a muse for inspiration, often being their lover, so I hardly ever hear of a women needing a muse to progress in her art. And furthermore could it be said that fine art revolves primarily around portraying femininity? I could go on and on why but basically some of the first sculptures were of women and extend on through to the Renaissance where even Mary was painted more than Jesus.

Etc. etc. blah, blah, I analyze art too much...
Courting the Muse
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Prima Facie