The Fall of a Century Picture

The beautiful Deimos and his sister lived in comfort in Olympus, home of the Gods. They were happy in their home and even though centuries came and went they remained young and beautiful. However the seemingly innocent siblings were in love with each other and when Zeus, the God of all Gods, found out about their forbidden relationship his wrath knew no other. Deimos' sister was sent away to a dead land where she would rot for all eternity in pain and agony. Deimos himself however was subject to a much crueler fate. He was caste out of heaven and sent down the depths of hades. His fall from grace like no other for he became the Ruler of the Underworld. The God of pain and misery. Never to know happiness ever again...
What you see here is Deimos as he descends from heaven into hell. He grows horns and his lower body slowly transform into that of a birds. You can see him trying to cling to the world he once knew, but the darkness surrounds him and drags him down to meet his fate...

I painted around February 2007 I think it was. So yea, its Old. ^^"
But to this day, this remains one of my favourite paintings that I ever did. It represents so much to me. The first time I created a truly magical piece, the first time I attempted something so dark and daring, The first time I tried to capture such an expression...
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The Fall of a Century