Kyrie, ignis, divine, eleison Picture

Although this is not in colour (and slightly haphazardly put together, each drawing was on a single page of a small sketchbook), I didn't want to upload it to scraps as I thought this drawing is of some interest, at least to those with an interest in my upcoming story of 'Restart' and it's characters etc. Anyway these are the 4 Lower Angels of Aerth's religious mythology/history. From left to right: Eve, Adam, Lucifer, & Lilith. I may colour this when I have time I am unsure. This is meant to resemble religious artwork in a way. Lower Angels all wear long robes as you can see them wearing here. They are mainly black, with the decoration at the top being golden with red patterns. The patterns resemble wings but each is slightly individual to each Angel. They have their arms crossed over their chests do denote they are ' protecting' their hearts/souls from temptation. In order to raise their status Lower Angels would have to prove themselves pure & exempt from temptations & sin. However these four all failed to do so and fell from grace at differing times. (First Lilith, then Adam & Eve and then finally Lucifer).

They all have body paint/tattoos (I would just say tattoos however I do not think you would have tattoos on your face like Eve & Lilith do? Correct me if I am wrong) on them; Eve & Lilith on their face, Lucifer & Adam on their hands. These markings are also representative of the other names they have been called by:
Eve the Empathic.
Adam the Determined
Lucifer the Weaver
Lilith the Ambitious.

This is a drawing of them before they fell, hence the full halos as opposed to the cracked ones in the previous picture of Adam & Eve.
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Kyrie, ignis, divine, eleison
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