Pandora's Box Picture

if anyone doesn't know... Pandora's Box is referenced in Greek mythology, it was a box that when opened released all the ills of the world we know today--pain, war, disease, etc.--and finally hope.

it's been a rough six months... and I wish for this new year that I might have as much hope as I did last year at this time...

The written part of the cloud consists of lyrics, some stuff from postsecret ([link]) the french and german ones, too... more personal stuff taken from the mat under my computer that I drew and wrote all over, secrets, stuff from other places where things are written...

Media: watercolor paper, watercolor, art pen, drawing pencils, colored pencils, art markers, sharpie, oil pastel, charcoal

Lyrics from the following songs used:
Roadside- Rise Against
Here Again (Last Conversation)- Fightstar
Damn Regret- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
It Only Hurts- Default
Forget About What I Said- The Killers
Audience of One- Rise Against
Change the World- Finger Eleven
Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
One-X- Three Days Grace
It's All Over- Three Days Grace
Another Heart Calls- The All-American Rejects
Savior- Rise Against
Yes- Coldplay
Breath- Breaking Benjamin
Back to Me- The All-American Rejects
Lost!- Coldplay
Paperthin Hymn- Anberlin
Until the End- Breaking Benjamin
Sunshine- The All-American Rejects
Re-Education (Through Labor)- Rise Against

Songs and lyrics (c) their respective writers (I do not own any of the lyrics included and do not claim rights to them)

Happy New Year
The Gemstones
Vita  -Winx OC-Look version I.
Pandora's Box
Libra the Scales...
Vita Final