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i was playing around on photoshop and i ended up drawing one of my newer OCs
her name is Rebecca (Becca) Pitt, she is Mason's younger sister (16 years old) and i finally wrote a bio for her haha!
spoilers ahead

Body and Appearance
1. Describe the character's height and build. Is he heavyset, thin, short, rangy?
Becca is about 5'6" and average weight

2. How old is he?
16, birthday July 28

3. Describe his posture. Does he carry himself well or does he slouch?
her back is straighter than george bush

4. How is his health? Is he fit or out of shape? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities?
she's able bodied and healthy. she thanks god every day for this.

5. How does he move? Is he clumsy, graceful, tense, fluid?
she's been told she's quite graceful

6. How attractive is this character physically? How does he perceive himself in the mirror?
she perceives herself as too masculine looking because of her somewhat broad shoulders and low collarbones.
she's actually quite beautiful, even with her masculine-ish (not really) traits

7. Describe his complexion. Dark, light, clear, scarred?
She's light skinned, but not pale. she burns easily.

8. Describe his hair: color, texture, style.
straight, dark red (natural. she's not ginger though), and shortish.

9. What color are his eyes?

10. Does the character have any other noteworthy features?
she's not so fond of her largeish roundish nose. everyone tells her it's cute though.

12. What is the character's wardrobe like? Casual, dressy, utilitarian? Bright colors, pastels, neutrals? Is it varied, or does he have six of the same suit?
She like all sorts of fashion, and her primary taste can be described as "soft grunge"

13. Do his clothes fit well? Does he seem comfortable in them?
she wouldn't wear them if they didn't fit in a way she liked.

14. Does he dress the same on the job as he does in his free time? If not, what are the differences?
since her high school does not require a uniform, she does not dress differently at school and in her freetime. she does not have a job.

15. You knew it was coming: Boxers, briefs or commando?

1. What does this character's voice sound like? High-pitched, deep, hoarse?
think colbie caillat but a little but higher

2. How does he normally speak? Loud, soft, fast, evenly? Does he talk easily, or does he hesitate?
she speaks quickly and easily.

3. Does the character have a distinct accent or dialect? Any individual quirks of pronunciation?
she and her brother have slight southern accents, thanks to being raised in Kansas for the first ten years of her life.

4. What language/s does he speak, and with how much fluency?
she speaks english fluently and is working hard to learn french. shes not succeeding.

5. Does he switch languages or dialects in certain situations?

6. Is he a good impromptu speaker, or does he have to think about his words?
she's pretty good at impromptu speaking.

7. Is he eloquent or inarticulate? Under what circumstances might this change?
she's pretty eloquent, except when embarrassed.
when she's angry, her vocabulary becomes extremely flowery

Mental and Emotional
1. How intelligent is this character? Is he book-smart or street-smart?
she's fairly book smart and a little street smart.

2. Does he think on his feet, or does he need time to deliberate?
she can think on her feet.

3. Describe the character's thought process. Is he more logical, or more intuitive? Idealistic or practical?
she's logical, but not exactly practical.

4. What kind of education has the character had?
she's in high school. public high school.

5. What are his areas of expertise? What, if anything, is he interested in learning more about?
her area of expertise is ancient history. she is such a huge history nerd it's adorable.

6. Is he an introvert or an extrovert?
she's an extrovert.

7. Describe the character's temperament. Is he even-tempered or does he have mood swings? Cheerful or melancholy? Laid-back or driven?
She's serious and even tempered, as well as rather driven.

8. How does he respond to new people or situations? Is he suspicious, relaxed, timid, enthusiastic?
she's enthusiastic about meeting new people

9. Is he more likely to act, or to react?

10. Which is his default: fight or flight?

11. Describe the character's sense of humor. Does he appreciate jokes? Puns? Gallows humor? Bathroom humor? Pranks?
she's a fan of nerdy humor and bad puns

12. Does the character have any diagnosable mental disorders? If yes, how does he deal with them?
she doesn't have any, no

13. What moments in this character's life have defined him as a person?
the point when she decided she just couldn't care for her baby any more and passed the responsibility onto the child's father

14. What does he fear?

15. What are his hopes or aspirations?
to become an archaeologist and do stuff like that

16. What is something he doesn't want anyone to find out about him?
she regrets sleeping with nick and deciding to keep the baby, but mostly just the fucking him part.

1. Describe this character's relationship with his parents.
she's on good terms with her family.

2. Does the character have any siblings? What is/was their relationship like?
she's mason's little sister, with an age difference of about five years
(at the start of the story, he's 21, she's 16)
their relationship is pretty good, even if he is a little overprotective of her.

3. Are there other blood relatives to whom he is close? Are there ones he can't stand?
none come to mind

4. Are there other, unrelated people whom he considers part of his family? What are his relationships with them?
nobody comes to mind

5. Who is/was the character's best friend? How did they meet?
she's fairly popular, but her closest friend is a girl who's she's known since she moved to the city she currently lives in.

6. Does he have other close friends?
she's pretty close with astrid.

7. Does he make friends easily, or does he have trouble getting along with people?
she makes friends pretty easily.

8. Which does he consider more important: family or friends?

9. Is the character single, married, divorced, widowed? Has he been married more than once?
she dates Nick, then she dumps him, then she finds out she's pregnant so they get back together, then she breaks up with him again.

10. Is he currently in a romantic relationship with someone other than a spouse?

11. Who was his first crush? Who is his latest?
her first crush was some guy in her middle school, her latest crush was Nick.

12. What does he look for in a romantic partner?
besides physical attractiveness, she likes to be able to hold a good conversation with a guy. he has to challenge her.

13. Does the character have children? Grandchildren? If yes, how does he relate to them? If no, does he want any?
she becomes a teenaged mother when Jade is born, though the parenthood torch is quickly handed over to Nick (Jade's Father) when Becca realizes just how much she cannot function under the pressure and responsibility and how unprepared she is.

14. Does he have any rivals or enemies?
kind of. some people don't like her because she's popular, others look down on her because she's a teen mother, and yeah

15. What is the character's sexual orientation? Where does he fall on the Kinsey scale?
she's a 1 on the scale, and a 80/20: A purely heterosexual person who recognizes attractiveness in their own sex in more than the aesthetic sense, but is not personally attracted to them..

16. How does he feel about sex? How important is it to him?
she likes it, but it's nothing special to her. if a hot guy offers, she takes, and if she offers and a hot guy takes, she gives.

17. What are his turn-ons? Turn-offs? Weird bedroom habits?
turn ons: muscles and masculinity. the manlier the guy, the hotter he is to her.
turn offs: she's down for pretty much anything 8/

1. Do you know your character's astrological (zodiac of choice) sign? How well does he fit type?
she's a leo, and she seems to fit type reasonably well

2. Is this character religious, spiritual, both, or neither? How important are these elements in his life?
she's kinda religious, but not very spiritual. these elements are not very important to her.

3. Does this character have a personal code of morals or ethics? If so, how did that begin? What would it take to compromise it?
she has a very rigid moral code, which is extremely hard to compromisr

4. How does he regard beliefs that differ from his? Is he tolerant, intolerant, curious, indifferent?
she's tolerant

5. What prejudices does he hold? Are they irrational or does he have a good reason for them?
she tries not to be prejudiced

Daily Life
1. What is the character's financial situation? Is he rich, poor, comfortable, in debt?
she's comfortable, though she has no job of her own

2. What is his social status? Has this changed over time, and if so, how has the change affected him?
she's pretty popular in her high school, but thats about it.

3. Where does he live? House, apartment, trailer? Is his home his castle or just a place to crash? What condition is it in? Does he share it with others?
she lives in a small house with her parents in the outskirts of the city

4. Besides the basic necessities, what does he spend his money on?
not much. sometimes she buys stupid things.

5. What does he do for a living? Is he good at it? Does he enjoy it, or would he rather be doing something else?

she doesn't really do anything for a living yet.

6. What are his interests or hobbies? How does he spend his free time?
she's part of an ancient mythology focused club, and she also enjoys photography, medieval weaponry, medieval history, hedgehogs (she has a pet hedgehog, named Hubert), and western movies.

7. What are his eating habits? Does he skip meals, eat out, drink alcohol, avoid certain foods?
she's willing to eat just about anything, but she doesn't eat very much at a time.

Which is his favorite:

1. Color?
reddish orange

2. Smell?

3. Time of day?

4. Season?

5. Book?
historical fiction novels

6. Music?
acoustic pop

7. Place?
a clearing in a forest

8. Substance?

9. Plant?
oak tree

10. Animal?
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