Shade Two: Luna Garou Picture

13 Shades of Halloween, 2007

These lovely girls are inspired by the great Varga's art (that which graced airplanes), as well as old movie monsters. I wanted to try at some pin-ups, but wanted to go a different direction with it. Also, I wanted to do something themely for my very favorite holiday. Here stands the Shades.

Luna Garou: The She-Wolf, inspired The Wolf Man. Granted, I added a little bit of mythology in there, with the old part of the curse having been lost in antiquity for these modern wolfies. The pentacle on the hand! Being that she's a cursed creature, as well, she's in a mythic circle. And of course, as portrayed by dearold Lon Chaney Jr., they were more man-like. Her name derives from "Loup Garou", the French for a "Werewolf" creature. The moon isn't full, but it is night!

There are lots of brushes I did not make in this Shades set: Look in these places to find them:
Present 1
Aki Kitsune
Shade Two: Luna Garou
Quetzalcoatl the dragon of air
Kegek Tuun, God of Lost Socks