Cheria Barnes Wallpaper Picture

Ffffff- I hate retyping.

Namco announced that they were localizing Tales of Graces ƒ in North America, so I made this to celebrate. I was originally going to do Sophie first (because I'm biased and like her the most), but I couldn't think of anything. Then I saw Cheria's Radiant Mythology cut-in, which was one of the few I actually liked.

It actually started out really simple, like Milla's, but then I added the fifty billion sparkles in the background. I also edited the "B" because the Graces font made it look nothing like one and it annoyed me. Expect more Graces-themed stuff for a while. I'm probably going to do the entire cast.

I should finish writing up my English homework, but I'm too lazy. Besides, I only have to write two paragraphs. So much for an honors class lol

Edit: I keep forgetting to link the brushes I used for my wallpapers. Most were made by =Coby17. They will be listed if otherwise.

Also if anyone wants the font, it's here: [link] Scroll down to the bottom and click the image of the font. It should start downloading.
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Cheria Barnes Wallpaper
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