Spirit King v.2.0 Picture

Second Balinese starter remake. Find the originals here: [link]

I actually took the time to look at images of the Barong, from Balinese myth, for reference this time. Most of them are costumes, true, but I at least found a few that depict the creature's appearance from artwork, such as this one: [link]
The Lion Barong is the most common and well known form, which is why I also based the earlier stages off of cats in general. I know most Indonesian cats have short hair because of the heat and all, but I chose the long haired ones because their coats are the closest I could think of to the long "fur" on the Barong costume.

155 - TABBLAZE (Tabby+Blaze)
- Fire
- Scorch Cat Pokémon
- 1'7"/ 5 lbs
- Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: TABBLAZE has a headstrong, fiery temper, and can take down foes three times its size.
NIGHT: Its claws retract into sheathes out of battle. It likes to sharpen them on hard objects.

156 - SEARCRED (Sear+Sacred)
- Fire/Light
- Scorch Cat Pokémon
- Evolves from TABBLAZE at Level 14
- 3'2"/ 25 lbs
- Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: By focusing its spirit, its body temperature reaches over 8000 degrees Fahrenheit. Its fire breath can burn through steel.
NIGHT: SEARCRED lives a solitary lifestyle, guarding mountaintop temples. It uses ruins as vantage points, pouncing on prey from above.

157 - LUMERONG (Lume+Leo+Barong)
- Fire/Light
- Mythical Pokémon
- Evolves from SEARCRED at Level 36
- 6'5"/ 250 lbs
- Ability: Blaze (Serene Grace)
DAY: Its fire attacks are incredibly powerful. By purifying its mind, it can unleash devastating streams of flame that are ten times hotter than the surface of the sun.
NIGHT: LUMERONG was worshipped by ancient peoples as the King of the Spirits. Representing both benevolence and authority, it is thought to ward off evil with its mighty Roar.

Start: Scratch, Ember; Slash, LaserBeam; Take Down, Beam Spam
Level-Up: Leer, Sunny Day, Swift, Bite, Roar, Swagger, Fire Fang, Crunch, Scary Face, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz; Fire Blast, Shield Breaker; Sacred Fire, Super Laser
Notable HM/TM: Cut, Rock Climb, Snarl, Return, Fire Spin, Light Screen, Barrier, Fire Pledge, Hyper Beam, Blast Burn
The First Princess of Fire
The Second Prince of Fire
Spirit King v.2.0
Radiant Mythology and Graces
Modron: Goddess of Autumn