The Fates Picture

10:45 p.m. .... I have to get up at 5:00 a.m., I need to be in bed.... T__T

Okay, anyway.... We did a mythology unit in AP English and I became quite fascinated with the Fates. I was thought the Muses and the Furies were intriguing, but there a lot of them and only three Fates....
Clotho is the youngest and spins the thread of life; Lachesis is next, and she measures the thread; Atropos is the last and most feared, for she cuts the string. *scary music in background* My younger brother said they look like "old, wrinkled Yodas," and I laughed very hard. He's right!
I looked up lots of pictures of the Fates so I could see what they had Lachesis using for measuring, but I never did find anything concrete, so I made something up....
.... Trivia question: Has anyone ever played Chrono Trigger? It's from the Super Nintendo.... If you have, did you notice that Robo's friend is named Atropos? Just curious if anyone else noticed that....
.... I'm not entirely satisfied with the coloring. Maybe if I get eccentric enough, I'll trace it and recolor it.
The Fates