Phobetor of the Oneiroi Picture

My version of Phobetor from greek mythology, I made a pet on Subeta of him, I made up a character and story of my own for him for that purpose, I already had stories and characters for Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death)... Okay, okay, I just love randomly reading about mythology and if I find an interesting concept I can't help but make up characters.... why do I feel I have do defend myself?.... this is all very incoherent.....uh, anyhow... I made him look younger and cuter than I actually imagine him just because in all my earlier attempts he looked too old XD

Check out the pet profile if you want, its still pretty empty though [link]
Subeta is a really fun and simple site by the way, like neopets but smaller and easier, check it out if you're bored!
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Phobetor of the Oneiroi
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