:: Death Regin :: Picture

Song: Lunar Sanctum / The March of Mephisto / The Hunting ( Somewere in Time) - Kamleot
Amount of Time: I don`t know. I worked on and off.
Weapons Used: o.7 mechanical pencil, inking pens, PSP


Happy V-Day to me. Yes a picy of my beloved "bf" ( accodring to my friends, since am so obssesed with him ) the Roman God of Death, Mors. ( Thanatos in Greek )

I changed the scythe desing from the one that was originaly in the sketch I had uploaded here. Accdiently the Scythe desing seems to have a moon, that fits in a way to symbolize Somnus or Hypno the God of Sleep and Mors`twin brother. Butterflys....there Mors`symbol. I drew him holding the Earth on that hand since some ppl draw the Grim Reaper like that at times. So yes...Death is everywere on the world....fitting indeed....

Thysia, the Golden Mythological Warrior
:: Death Regin ::
Than - Tanatos