Silver Sailor Scouts Picture

Because I felt like drawing chibis of all of them. I didn't change anything about them, of course. I wanted to keep them as their original style. Just had to design shoes for them, because I never picked that out for the originals. And what design Callisto's outfit had, because I never drew her much. Her weapon looks dorky.
Ok, left to right. Sailor Telesto, the one waving, is the second sailor met in the fanfic. I can't remember what her power was. It was like darkness, (but not in the evil-darkness kind of way. Just, lack of light) or dark water or something. Next, above to the right, Sailor Callisto (forgot the second l in the picture) she was the sailor of the unknown I think. Or mysteries, or the supernatural. She's the last to show up. She also has lavender hair~ below her is Sailor Triton. She has water/ice powers. Third to show up. Next, Sailor Deimos. Who had earth/nature like powers. And a cool sword. She's the quiet, dark-past-y-angsty one. Fourth Sailor. And Sailor Ariel. Fire-power. First, and leader-girl. Some of the pictures I forgot what their weapons looked like, so I drew them in when I got home and found the weapon-sheet thing I made, so they're not holding their weapons.
I sort of want to change some of them around, so that their powers fit better with their name's mythology. And I was going to link their powers to the power of the sailor whose planet their moons orbit. :/ But I ended up giving up on that. Minus Triton, heh.
Just a bunch of chibis. Yup.
Characters (c) me, Sailor Moon (c) my god there's no way I'm going to attempt to spell her name right.
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Silver Sailor Scouts
OSI 2014 Qualification try