Cupid and Psyche Picture

This is a picture I drew for my boss for a poster advertizing a romance story writing competition. This image took a long time to develope, since no one could agree on it. T_T

First, I did a cherub that looked too girlie. Then I started this one in color and it was too risque. So I did as a stylized line drawing. |P Everyone likes it, so at least they're happy
This is based off of a sculpture by the way, of Cupid and Psyche [link]
It's a very beautiful sculpture, and it is one of the few pieces of art I enjoyed during my Modern Art class. |P I love mythology :3

Illustrator, about an hour or so to draw
Art (c) Crystal Kay
Sculpture (c) Antonio Canova
Zeus doodles
Kakao Nr.19
Cupid and Psyche
Cupid and Psyche
The Love of Cupid and Psyche