Dreamscapes - Psyche 4 Picture

Size: 8 ft x 3 ft
Medium: charcoal and dry pastels
Date: June 2007

-----------> close up

"Dream Precursor" is an experiment I did which led up to the three huge panels which were the final pieces for the project

The project was based on the theme of dreams which I explored visually and also through words (I wrote a short story in support of this project).

The entire project, visuals, words etc is all a big allegory for my version of the dream process (which I based on scientific, mythological and phsychological research I did into what are dreams, what happens in them etc).

I won't say too much about it because I like to hear an outsider's view of what they see when they look at these three pieces. So please comment, all feedback and constructive criticisms are welcome!
Eros and Psyche
Psyche, Beelzebubs Bride
Dreamscapes - Psyche 4
Cupid and Psyche I
Eros and Psyche WIP