Vlad and Philly Picture

Two doodles I did on separate days at school. *fails* I should be paying attention but... > > Doesn't always work like that.

But these are my two characters, Vlad and Philotes (Philly) and for those of you who know your Greek Mythology, yes. That is my interpritation of Philotes, the Goddess (or God) of Pleasure of Love [coughsexcough] and Friendship. In the roleplay, she's the daughter of Nyx and Geist. Vlad and Philly actually do NOT like each other at all. XD He hates her and she hates him.

Vlad and Philly (c) CrankyGirl
Geist (c) 99Ghosts

(ps: I really don't know what they're looking at. x_x Maybe you can help me out with that)
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