+Too Dark To Handle+ Picture

characters:charlize (as persephone) and borys (as hades) (OCs)
time: 4h
media used: koh-i-noor crayons, white gelpen + paint shop pro 8 for colour adjusting & watermark

I know it's soooo sketchy and messy and all, but I just wanted to show that I'M ACTUALLY ALIVE OTL like, ttly. As always, stuff happened and I had no time to draw.


Why the hell am I messing with Charlize and Borys' look again, you ask? I'll try to explain. The story of Utopia is my and my wifey's "child", but we do have our own big projects, too. Mine is of course DECADENCE, while her is the amazing and overally asdfghjkl;'-ish Greeky Tale, in which Greek mythology is mixed with modern times and other awesome stuff XD

Technically, all the main characters of Utopia are starring there. ♥ But as for Borys and Charlize, they're Hades and his wife Persephone. Together, they (actually.) rule the underworld and have lots of great sex, too.

Oh, lately we've been fangirling over the whole story again. Seems like we're going through that phase much stronger that the last time; not that I'm complaining ♥

"Utopia" belongs to me and my love; "GT" belongs to her.
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+Too Dark To Handle+
PJatO OC - Tina Brady