Ask the Mythology Twins Picture

One on the Right

Name: Persephone Cosmos

Age: Physically 18, mentally 2759

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Birthday: August 02

Height: 6'0

Species: Rune Tracker, or Rune Seeker, Rune keeper.

Personality: Organized, tricky, prankster, somewhat serious

Occupation: Record Keeper

Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle

Weapons: Needles and wire

Likes: Mythologies, messing around with her little brother, sleeping, pranking

Dislikes: People ruining her pranks, cinnamon, super sweet things

Other: She likes being patted on her horns, she likes to take long naps

One on the left

Name: Hades Cosmos

Age: Physically 18, mentally 2759, younger

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Birthday: August 02

Height: 6'1

Personality: Cold, Stoic, intelligent

Occupation: Record Keeper

Relationship Status: Single Pringle

Weapons: Knives and wire

Likes: Reading, sleeping, tea, bitter things,

Dislikes: People interrupting his naps, taste of vanilla, taste of chocolate, people interrupting his reading

Other: He likes being patted on his horns

Other Things

-They live in a VERY large library
-Despite their looks, they are really friendly
-Both of them like tea, coffee
-Both of them HATE sickly sweet things, both in personality and food wise
-Both absolutely LOVE Greek mythology
-They like all kinds of mythologies
-They have an older brother

((I'll add more to them later))

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