Music and Myth Picture

DO NOT bug me about anything poorly drawn/shaded/etc. because 1. this started as messing with how to draw fur. and 2. I really don't care to much about this drawing really. I know what I need to improve and I'm working on it.
oh and 3. this is mainly about shading. I had most of it drawn before a friend said that fire in the background would be kool. so I was like YEAH! and that's why the shading sucks..

so this is kind of an enjoy it or fuck off type drawing really.
I mean I love criticism don't get me wrong but I know this drawing is totally fucked up so I don't need to hear it from anyone else.

btw these are satyrs not fauns and not pan. Yes there's a difference! and yes I know there's no females but dang it I wanted to draw a female and Yes the female is censored.. not irl but I edited it quick and put a black bar so I don't gotta put no stupid warning on it.

so hope you enjoy!
I'll be working on other full pencil drawings. and yes this drawing is Only in pencil.
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Music and Myth
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